bride and groom walking outside Zenner House

Zenner House wedding

Abby and Justin found quite possibly Ohio’s best kept wedding venue secret. They were just the second or third wedding the Zenner House in Athens, Ohio has ever hosted. The grounds are lush with vibrant manicured gardens, expertly groomed landscapes and stunning vintage details. Exploring the house felt like you were in a dream and behind each door you opened was another beautiful secret room.

Abby and Justin themselves are two of the sweetest and most down-to-earth people you could ever meet. With the stage set, they were married under a tent in the side yard of the house.

We utilized the home’s grounds for the photos of the bridal party and couple. I think at one point I might have actually started drooling looking at the formal rose garden. Just kidding, that would be really creepy to have a drooling wedding photographer.

The reception was under a tent in the front yard and each table was accented with beautiful magenta bouquets and soft purple linens. There was delicious food that included some Indian side dishes, my first non-Indian wedding to serve Indian food (VERY cool!). During the speeches, a huge storm was brewing. The bridesmaids took turns holding each-others dresses down while they spoke. The sky turned so dark and dramatic. Even though the weather during the reception had wind gusts blowing china off the tables, the party never stopped- in fact, it made it all very exciting! I think that’s also a testament to how easy going and awesome this group of people were. Abby just pulled her hair into a braid, and kept dancing in the rain. How amazing IS that!

As quickly as it came, the storm blew through and the party kept going into the night. I’m so excited to finally share this beautiful wedding. A special thank you to Abby and Justin for having me with them on this unforgettable day! XO Jess

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