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aubrey and douglas in a field of flowers

Sable Creek Golf Course Wedding

I’m very excited to showcase this wedding today. When I met with Aubrey and Doug for the first time, I remember telling my husband after they left my home office how refreshingly happy they both were. That’s saying a lot because most people I meet with on a professional level tend to be happy. Sure enough, they truly are- and so genuine. Just truly amazing people whom I’m so lucky crossed paths with me this year.

Aubrey and Doug’s wedding was in Kent, Ohio at this amazing church, Kent United Methodist Church. The whole building carries with it this 50’s or 60’s modern aesthetic. It even had built-in benches and seating throughout that reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. It was a spectacular worship space that had sky-high ceilings and walls lined with modern stained glass. One of the stained glass panels even had an astronaut in it! How cool and unexpected is that?!

When I arrived, I joined the girls in their getting-ready room just as they were huddling in a circle together to pray. A couple of her bridesmaids said the most beautiful prayers for Aubrey and the day, and I remember thinking what a special stand-out moment and gift of friendship that was.

Throughout the rest of the day, my second shooter Tyler and I would constantly talk to each other about how easy these two were to photograph simply because the way they interact is so freakishly adorable and genuine. Look at the photo of their first kiss below- they just held each other after they kissed and enjoyed the moment touching foreheads together.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception site, Sable Creek Golf Course. We pulled up to a huge outdoor tent, a stunning blue sky with puffy white clouds, and gorgeous weather. The bridal party brought so much good energy- the groomsmen even surprised the couple by photobombing their portrait session. As the party started, dancing never stopped. The kids had moves for days and were constant entertainment. Thank you to Aubrey and Doug! I can’t tell you how much I loved this day! XO Jess