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Ohio Statehouse Engagement Photos

The statehouse is the absolute perfect place to have your engagement shoot when you both not only work there, but you both met there, too! The Statehouse has been the epicenter of a lot of drama, drama lately, so I thought I’d reminisce about a calmer time today.

I feel so blessed to meet some of the best people on earth through this job, and LeeAnne and Andrew are two seriously cool people. Their engagement shoot happened last Spring when the blooms were out. In the coming weeks, I’ll be blogging about their wedding as well, which was quite simply show-stopping.

I remember touring the Ohio Statehouse when I was in elementary school right after they restored a lot of the interiors. Every time I’m in the hall with the grand staircases, I always remember that tour guide so many years ago telling us about all the cigar soot they had to clean off the walls. The halls were once thick with smoking lawmakers. That imagery always makes the history of this place come alive for me.

There are so many creative nooks and crannies in this building and I could literally photograph it differently every time I’m in it. Thankfully, the weather was stunning so we were also able to utilize the gorgeous outdoor grounds of the Statehouse as well. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!



Wedding Photography Columbus- Best of Weddings 2014

Happy 2015! I would like to dust off this blog and give a special thank you to all of the amazing people I was lucky enough to meet, work with, and photograph this year. It has truly felt like two years all rolled into one and to call the experience rewarding would be an understatement. I will be blogging the remaining weddings I photographed in 2014 in the coming weeks, but this blog is reserved for my most favorite wedding photos from last year. Thank you so much to the other fantastic photographers who shot as my second shooters this year- Kim, Carmen, Zak, Steve, Jared, Melissa, and my husband Scott.

In 2014, Scott graduated graduate school in Occupational Therapy and now works during the day at his dream job helping others live a more active, pain-free life. To celebrate his graduation and our life together, we took off most of the month of September and went on a grand tour of California together. I will also blog about this trip in the coming weeks. We saw some amazing things that I can’t wait to share.

Last year I did a lot of soul searching about what direction I wanted to take my company. I overhauled my website with a fresh, new design that’s easier to navigate. I found a lot of clarity in 2014 about what I think is most important about the field of photography, which can be read about here. I attended workshops and seminars on how to enhance my practice and there wasn’t a complacent bone in my body. I’m so excited to enter into 2015 with a full schedule, a new camera body added to my arsenal, and the most wonderful, fun couples I could ever ask for!

So on to the good stuff! The photos below all pulled at my heart strings in one way or another. All of the couples I was lucky enough to photograph last year were so amazingly creative. The details were simply breathtaking, and this post would be 5,000 photos long if I included all the ones I wanted to. I hope you enjoy these and cheers to a happy, healthy, fantastical new year! XO Jess

best 2015 wedding photographer Columbus OH


Columbus Wedding Photography- Kathryn and Steve

I love weddings, obviously. But it’s weddings like this that confirm it every time. Kathryn and Steve have such great family and friends. This whole day was pure celebration from beginning to end. I’m not sure why they chose it, but they got married on Friday the 13th, and I honestly couldn’t think of a cooler date to tie the knot.

The ceremony was held at St. Elizabeth’s at Sharon Woods. It’s a beautiful church with modern accents. Natural light flooded through ceiling skylights and created a warm and bright atmosphere. Kathryn and Steve’s friends sang throughout the ceremony, which made for a beautiful and personal experience. Kathryn wore a veil that was a family heirloom, which is always such a loving way of intimately including those you love.

After the service we took the party bus (I love when I get to do ride-alongs in the bus) to the Statehouse in downtown Columbus for some bridal party and portrait shots. This is such a fantastic location to have photos taken. It’s sophisticated, grand, elegant and timeless all at once. The building has such a rich atmosphere that any photo taken in it almost seems other-worldy. Because it’s so dark in certain parts of the Statehouse, it is perfect to do some fun off-camera lighting effects and dramatic portraiture. Outside the statehouse is grand and truly provides a divine backdrop for any wedding party.

After the statehouse we all rode to Walter’s Commons at St. Charles for the reception. This venue is simply stunning with its high vaulted ceilings, stunning natural light, and gorgeous stained glass windows. Among the many awesome details, there was a larger than life rubber ducky, an exquisite cookie and dessert table, and a Keurig bar. I think the coffee bar must have been well attended because there was some pretty great dancing that just didn’t stop!

St. Charles Wedding Photos