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I may not have been writing too much lately (and that’s about to change), but I have been a busy bee trying to show the world your amazing photo shoots! I have been so blessed that this year 6 of my 2017 sessions have been blogged online already by various media outlets. Today I’m so excited to feature this fall family session which I never blogged about last year because time just got away from me. Isn’t this family perfect?! I’m so blessed to know this family personally and I can’t even begin to describe how it fills my heart to be around them, their kids’ infectious energy, and their ear-to-ear genuine smiles. Enjoy!

Whetstone Park of Roses Wedding

You might remember these two beautiful people from their engagement shoot posted here earlier last year. Jess is an OSU super-fan, so when it came to their wedding, the theme was a no-brainer! The entire bridal party wore OSU colors and of course, it wouldn’t have been an OSU wedding without a stop to the shoe for photos during the portrait session.

Their day started with a first look on a spectacular fall afternoon at the Whetstone Park of Roses. Their bridal party was so cute- they were all peeking at the interaction from around the corner and couldn’t wait to join them right after! After a huge group hug, it was time for them to walk down the aisle and get hitched.

Keeping with the OSU theme, their ring bearer wore an OSU jersey and carried a football. It was beyond cute as he ran and smiled ear-to-ear. The ceremony was officiated by a mutual friend of the couple and Misti and Jess said their vows in front of tons of family and friends in the scenic rose garden. After a few photos in the park, we made a pit stop down the street at Lineage Brewing so the happy couple could share their first toast as a married couple with their closest friends. Afterward, we ventured to the Horseshoe on the OSU campus for some fun and relaxed photos with everyone.

The party ramped up at the Westerville Legion where the OSU campus specialty Adriatico’s pizza was served as part of a tailgate food spread. Sentimental toasts were given to the happy couple and the entire place filled with love and laughter as the open dancing started. Dance moves were incredible and I’ve never seen so many hugs in one night. Everyone was just so happy and I feel so lucky to have been there to experience it. A huge thank you to Misti and Jess for honoring me with being able to spend the day with you both!

Whetstone Engagement

One of the most rewarding parts of photographing happy couples is photographing happy couples that you know in your personal life. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten to know Alyssa, her family and her fiance Jeff. I am so honored to be able to call them friends and celebrate their wedding with them next weekend!

I’m slightly obsessed with the dress Alyssa wore to the session. When she stepped out of the car, I literally had a moment- she took my breath away. She was glowing from ear to ear.  We had their session at the Whetstone Park of Roses as the sun set on a warm August evening.  The park itself was having its second wind of roses blooming everywhere, which needless to say made for a magical setting.

Whetstone has this gravel road path that I’m so enamored with. I think that path alone is why I’ve scheduled so many sessions there this year. For some reason, it reminds me of the path that leads to Forrest Gump’s house. I’m even going to use it for my son’s Christmas photo this year. I digress.

When the sun was at its lowest point in the sky where I could still shoot, we brought in the doggie brigade to step up the photo excitement. A Golden Doodle and a Mini Golden Doodle…needless to say both of them are balls of non-stop energy. The funniest part of the whole session was when it came time to shoot their photos, I swear to you they were posing like little models. Still, calm and patient. I’m not sure that’s really ever happened on one of my shoots with multiple dogs before. Take note all people looking for dog models!

I’m so excited to share these with you all today and I’m even more excited to spend such an exciting day with these two next weekend! Enjoy!!

Columbus Family Portrait Session

Welcome to the last day, day #5 of Babypalooza!

Clara is a beaming, inquisitive, goofy and loving little angel. I love this age because kids are so genuine- there’s no show. Their little personalities shine so brightly. I just love being around Clara. She is such a ball of infectious energy. I was honestly a little scared that Scott and I are having a girl until I met her. Just look at her smile!

I’m so excited to share these today. Earlier this summer Clara brought her family to the park where we basically just played for an hour and I had the honor of photographing what happened. The weather and garden grounds were stunning and made for the perfect backdrop. Lots of smiles, hugs and silly moments happened!

Thank you for joining me the last few days as I shared these five wonderful shoots. It’s been really fun giving a special highlight to the beautiful families and families-to-be.

Baby Kellen

Columbus Family Photography

Welcome to Babypalooza day #4!

A couple of months ago, baby Kellen brought his parents out for a fun family snuggle session on a perfect summer day! He gave me lots of good stare-downs, but his parents were able to grab a couple of smiles out of him. Look at his beautiful hair and cute as a button chubby cheeks. Does it get any cuddlier than that? I personally love this stage- you know, the one where they can’t yet run away from you lol. His parents Easter and Jay were wedding clients of mine a couple of years ago when their venue, Vue Columbus, first opened their doors. It is the best part of the job being able to continue to cross paths with people, hug them, hear how they’ve been and reveled in how their life has changed. Thank you so much for being able to come back and capture this amazing point in your lives. Kellen is a little heartbreaker for sure!

vintage VW Beetle and Family

Park of Roses Maternity Session

Day #2 of Babypalooza is here!

What do you get when you mix a vintage Beetle and a stunning summer night? Magic!

Mike and Jess are Clintonvillions (not to be confused with the Clintonvillans) through-and-through, so we met one evening last month at the Whetstone Park of Roses for a maternity mini-session. They brought their VW Beetle with them which made for some of the coolest and original maternity photos ever. I got to ride in the back seat with their dog Rory. It is truly a cool little car, and I now see why people love their vintage VW’s.

They are expecting a little girl next month! That time will come and go like a flash of light. Until then, I wish them so much peace and quiet and restful nights. Lol!

baby hunter maternity session

Whetstone Maternity Session

I wanted to start out Babypalooza week with a couple of micro-maternity sessions I did last month. Today’s post was for my friend Erin and the shoot only lasted about 15 minutes on the most beautiful summer evening. The light and the surroundings at the lush Whetstone Park of Roses were just magical. Erin gave birth 4-5 days after this, so needless to say, she was only up for just a couple of shots. First of all, who looks THAT radiant when they’re 9 months pregnant? I sure didn’t. I’m so excited for their little family. Hunter has been an adorable addition and has made one intensely grateful mama.

pregnant couple hugging in the park

bride and groom in front of fountain surrounded by roses

Lindey’s Wedding

Libby and Phillip had one of the more intimate ceremonies I’ve ever photographed- in one of the most beautiful locations, too. The chapel at the Maple Grove Church in Clintonville served as the backdrop for their wedding. It was very low lighting which made the stained glass seem even more vibrant. High ceilings, wooden beams and cut stone gave an old warmth to the room. Libby was ear-to-ear smiles all day, but I got the impression she’s actually like that a lot. Her personality is electric. I also had major hair envy with her. Her hair had short choppy waves, and was accented with the most beautiful wedding headpiece that wouldn’t look as good on anyone else.

From the church we ventured over to Whetstone Park of Roses. I confessed my love for this place two blog posts ago, so I’ll try to resist doing it again. The roses were, again, in full bloom. You couldn’t have planned a more coordinated happy accident- the bouquets the bride and bridesmaids carried looked perfect with the roses growing on the grounds, which looked stunning against the Bride’s blush Alfred Angelo gown and Badgley Mischka shoes.

From the park, we ended the day at Lindey’s in German village for Libby and Phillip’s reception. Lindey’s has a whole upstairs they use for small events. This reception was on the outdoor porch that overlooks their stunning open-air patio. Lush greenery and florals fill every spare inch of this lush outdoor space. It is truly one of the nicer outdoor eating areas in Columbus. Speaking of nice- I just have to give a MAJOR shout out and high five to the staff of Lindey’s. I always find it interesting how venues treat other vendors, and let me just say a little kindness goes a long way. Lindey’s not only treated me like a person, but a guest. They were so accommodating and worked their butts off. If anyone has a need for a party of 35-50 people, please consider this venue.

libby-and-phililp-1 libby-and-phililp-2 libby-and-phililp-3 libby-and-phililp-4 libby-and-phililp-5 libby-and-phililp-6 libby-and-phililp-7 libby-and-phililp-8 libby-and-phililp-9 libby-and-phililp-10 libby-and-phililp-11 libby-and-phililp-12 libby-and-phililp-13 libby-and-phililp-14 libby-and-phililp-15 libby-and-phililp-16 libby-and-phililp-17

cute couple hugging in front of fountain

Columbus Whetstone Engagement

Jenne and Paul are so totally cute with each other! They are Columbus transplants by way of Nashville. Their wedding was in Nashville in the fall (last month to be exact), so they only had me shoot the session here in town. We met up at the Whetstone Park of Roses in Clintonville for their engagement session earlier this past summer. The roses were in full bloom, and you couldn’t really have asked for a more perfect day. Having been born and raised in Columbus, and I don’t want to sound like Lebron James is with Cleveland, but Columbus is such a vibrant beautiful city with SO MUCH going on. The park of roses is just one of those magical places that when you visit, you look around, and say to yourself- I can’t really believe this is just open to the public. The grounds are meticulously manicured (I have a new appreciation for this being a new home owner). Being a photographer I often visit beautiful spots in the city, so it’s no wonder my love affair with C-bus gets more serious each year.

And I just have to mention this- I’m really glad Westworld wasn’t out yet at the time of this shoot, because I would have been fan geeking about the fact that Jenne looks like the stunning Thandie Newton who plays Maeve in the show. Nerd alert!

Anyways, congratulations go out to Jenne and Paul on their recent wedding! And I hope the rest of you love these photos! XO Jess

jenne-and-paul-1 jenne-and-paul-2 jenne-and-paul-3 jenne-and-paul-4 jenne-and-paul-5 jenne-and-paul-6

Clintonville Engagement Session

Park of Roses Engagement

Kristen and Scott’s late January Esession earlier this year was brisk and cold, but their love for each other kept them warm inside! With their wedding quickly approaching, I just wanted to take a few minutes and blog about the ridiculous cuteness that is these two, because, well, they deserve to be in the spotlight!

It’s kind of funny saying we did this shoot at the Whetstone Park of Roses, because there weren’t any roses in sight at this time of year. The air was crisp, and it was that tail part of winter where you could almost will spring into existence. We took a stroll around the park, and then went to a few other spots in Clintonville that I adored when I lived there (at the time of the shoot). It feels so strange posting this now, as winter quickly approaches. Blogging more regularly is something I look forward to in the coming months as wedding season wraps up. Next weekend these two get hitched and I couldn’t be more excited! Their venue will be at Via Vecchia, which is one of my all-time favs!

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