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Fab you bliss feature wedding

PUBLISHED- Fab You Bliss

Amanda and Aaron’s stunner wedding from late last year has been published on the amazing Fab You Bliss wedding blog! Also check out my blog post from it here. As an artist, Amanda left no stone unturned in her downtown Columbus Vue wedding. I’m so honored it has been highlighted by this great website so everyone can see how talented her and her vendors are! I think my favorite parts, besides everyone being super fun all day, were the succulent bouquets and the hand-made lettering details Amanda made. Oh, and their first dance which was nothing short of fantastical! XO Jess


Whimsical Urban Columbus Wedding


Vue Columbus Wedding

So I totally lied on my last post- THIS wedding was my second to last wedding from 2016. And HOLY SMOKES what a wedding this was! It’s even been featured on Fab You Bliss last month.

Amanda and Aaron are anything but traditional. When it came to their wedding, the same held true. Unique details like succulent bouquets provided by Lynette Higginbotham of Madison House Designs and a non- traditional line up of music for the wedding and first dance (Game of Thrones theme song and “Ride, Ride Little Sebastian” for the first dance….sung by Chris Pratt, and when he was informed they danced to it at their wedding, Chris re-tweeted their wedding video). The wedding and reception were held at Vue, columbus’ unique warehouse meets loft venue. Between the two, photos were taken around the city of Columbus, and we were able to take advantage of the changing fall leaf colors.  Mostly the couple wanted to celebrate at the bar with their friends between the ceremony and reception, which provided ample opportunity to highlight what meant most to this couple- their friendships and being in the moment. Amanda is a graphic designer, so all the invitations, signage and even coozies were designed by her for their event. Val Semick, the wedding coordinator, was the glue that held it all together. And the night wouldn’t be complete without a little sugar- a stunning cake provided by Alice Dreischarf, of Alice’s Piece of Cake. Thank you so much Amanda and Aaron- thank you for being true to yourselves, thank you for having me with you on your wedding day, and especially thank you for being awesomely awesome in every way! XO Jess

Romantic Columbus Vue Wedding

Easter and Jay really know how to throw a wedding. Their friends and family are super fun, everyone was so go-with-the-flow, and the day was pure joy from start to finish.

I have to gush over Easter’s dress for a minute. While it wasn’t one shoulder, it had that feel and accented her neckline so elegantly. Her individual photos came out so dreamy and glamorous.

Their wedding was one of the first that Columbus’ new venue “Vue” hosted. It’s a really cool space with exposed ceilings, rustic charm, and a killer downtown location. There’s a little patio outside of the building that is private and quaint, where Easter and Jay saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. Their reactions were so cute.

Easter and Jay scheduled their day to allow for lots of downtown photos, which is a photographers dream. At one point, the bus broke down, but it happened at the coolest warehouse that just happened to match the bridesmaid’s dresses so it was a total happy accident. Once the bus got back up and running, it was party on! By the time we got back to the venue for the ceremony, we had all the bride and groom photos done, and they were all able to enjoy their cocktail hour with family and friends.

Can I just also point out that every cocktail hour and reception should have a popcorn machine? It made the room smell magnificent! Another cool thing they had at this reception were board games. It was a fun touch that made the whole evening seem very laid back and personal.

I can’t believe it’s late July and I’m still blogging about last year’s weddings. I only have one more to blog after this and then it’s on to this year’s beautiful eye candy! Enjoy:) XO JessFun and Elegant Columbus Vue Wedding Columbus Vue Wedding_02 Columbus Vue Wedding_03 Columbus Vue Wedding_04 Columbus Vue Wedding_05 Columbus Vue Wedding_06 Columbus Vue Wedding_07 Columbus Vue Wedding_08 Columbus Vue Wedding_09 Columbus Vue Wedding_10 Columbus Vue Wedding_11 Columbus Vue Wedding_12 Columbus Vue Wedding_13 Columbus Vue Wedding_14 Columbus Vue Wedding_15 Columbus Vue Wedding_16 Columbus Vue Wedding_17 Columbus Vue Wedding_18