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strongwater industrial wedding

Strongwater Industrial Wedding

Today I have a treat for everyone with this Strongwater Industrial Wedding. Andrew and Joe are two of the best humans I’ve ever met. Way back in 2019, I was able to shoot their engagement shoot on a brisk December day. The plan was for them to get married the following year, but you guessed it! COVID though a wrench in their plans and they ended up waiting two whole years for their big day. They say good things come with time, and in this case, oh did the good times come!

This was probably one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever photographed. There are so many reasons why, but here are just a few.

Reasons I love this wedding

The people

This was a wedding full of genuine, down-to-earth, fun, and laid-back people. People that made you feel like you’ve known them your whole lives. People who were gracious enough to let me in on this day and document some truly intimate moments without holding back.

The speeches

Deeply personal speeches were given by the family during the ceremony. They were raw, emotional, sincere, and deeply moving. It created a quiet space of reflection for everyone and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

The dancing

This wedding was a throw-down. Any time you have DJ Axcess at your wedding you can expect great things, but this was just next level. This party would have raged until 4 am if the venue didn’t have time limits. After suffering the aftermath of COVID-19, being at a party like this was just soul-nourishing!

The details and desserts

Joe’s mother hand-crocheted all of the cutest favors that were placed at each table setting. They were so adorable and all completely different. The act of making that many favors was such a labor of love and a shining example of how much these two are loved.

As if that wasn’t enough, they had Buckeye Donuts as dessert! Quite possibly my favorite donuts in Columbus, that was the cherry on top of this wedding for me!

Thank you so much to Andrew and Joe for memories that will last me a lifetime. Thank you for being your authentic loveable selves. I’m so honored to have been a part of this incredible day!


Venue: Strongwater Food and Spirits
Cake: Lavender & Honey
Donuts: Buckeye Donuts
Florist: The Flowerman
Joe’s Suit: Suitsupply
Shoes: Florsheim Shoes
Andrew’s Suit: Alan David
DJ: DJ Axcess

A strongwater wedding

couple hugging in strongwater atrium

Strongwater Food & Spirits Wedding

Did you ever have a friend that you have no idea how you knew each other? I mean, I KNOW we have mutual friends, and that must be how I know her, but it seems as if Molly has always been my friend. Every time I see her, she is full of life, up for anything and seems to always have a smile on her face. It’s not a fake smile either- it’s a genuine, happy, down-to-earth smile. And her laugh, omg I love her laugh. I think this is turning into a love letter to Molly. But, when someone deserves a love letter, you write one, right? And that’s exactly what I tried to do with her wedding photos- they’re my love letter to a stunning person and the amazing man who is lucky enough to walk by her side in this life.

Molly and Ryan chose Strongwater Food & Spirits in Columbus, OH as their wedding day backdrop. This old warehouse has been converted into a rustic bare-bones event space. Molly has a background in events, so it’s not a coincidence everything was styled to perfection. Gold spray-painted animals accented candlelight for the cocktail hour.┬áRomantic dream-catchers hung in the reception space and caught the various warm shades of evening light that poured through the windows. Food was provided by the food truck Porketta which was Parkettad right outside the entrance. Ok that joke was stupid, sorry. I think one of my favorite details of this wedding was the DJ who played only vinyl records all night long. From Blondie to Beiber, it was all on the turntable in its original analog form.

Thank you Molly and Ryan for letting me photograph your wedding day. You two are one hell of a couple and throw one hell of a party! Cheers to you both!

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