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OSU and Worthington Engagement Shoot

I secretly (or not so secretly) love it when my clients wear bold colors like red to their engagement shoots. There’s something so dynamic about the way it looks in photographs. As Ohio State fans, this worked out perfectly for Kelly and Adam. They met me out on a very cold fall day in front of the OSU stadium. The sky was pretty grey, but their smiles illuminated every frame.

After a few shots in front of the Shoe, we traveled to downtown Worthington. Kelly and Adam actually had their very first date at the old bag of nails restaurant so we had to get a few in-front of their storefront. Later in the shoot, Kelly pointed out the spot where they said goodnight on their first date, and how she didn’t know if Adam would kiss her or not. Little did they know that night that they’d be celebrating their engagement with a photo shoot in the same place!! I love that this session brought great memories up for them. It’s always so nice when shooting locations have meaning behind them.

Kelly and Adam’s wedding will take place in early March and will actually be the first wedding in the newly renovated Edgewater room of the nationwide hotel and conference center! I can’t wait to see the new layout and updates but also celebrate with these two as they start their 2018 in the best way possible- in love and freshly married! Be on the lookout for their wedding blog in the next few months! Xo jess

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OSU Engagement Session

Jessica and Misti are so laid back, down-to-earth and quick to joke with each-other- From our very first time meeting, I knew I was in like company. Jessica is an avid OSU fan, so we naturally had their engagement shoot on a beautiful fall day last year on campus. It was a Sunday, so everything had already been cleaned up after tailgating and partying, but there was a really cool chalk drawing still right in front of the Stadium. It was a forced perspective drawing, so when you lined up with it just right, it seemed to pop out at you. Because it was fall, all of the bushes were bright red in front of the stadium, not a coincidence I’m sure! All the Buckeye trees were as golden as the afternoon sun. Even though it was the weekend, campus was still somewhat alive, which brought a fun energy to the session. Fall in Ohio is simply the best- I need to get more timely with these blog posts, as it’s totally spring now. I was just so energized by spending time with these two. They are so fun…and I think it’s pretty amazing they even laughed at my stupid jokes. Were they just being nice?

I can’t wait for their wedding later this year. They are so beautiful inside and out. I hope you love these Jess and Misti! XO Jess


OSU Engagement Session

A couple of weeks ago Lindsey and Brian were married in one throw-down awesome wedding. I realized at that time I needed to blog about their engagement shoot we did late last year because it’s too cool not to. We went to OSU’s campus on a brisk fall shoot, and we did a dusk-evening color session to make it extra unique. What I think the coolest part of all of it is, they both went to OU!! They’re just such OSU fans they didn’t really care. I can’t blame them, as I, as well, am a Buckeye through and through.

The session started and ended at the OSU Stadium. Since it was fall, the trees were bursting with vibrant reds and yellows. There just happened to be the most dreamy sunset, which is one of the benefits of choosing to do an evening color session.

The Ohio State Stadium has beautiful stained glass windows at the vaulted front entrance. They are pretty easy to miss during the day, but at night they are internally lit and a dynamic testament to OSU football. They also make the perfect evening backdrop for any Ohio football lover. Mix that with some vibrant up-lit colors, and you have a collection bursting with life and love.

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