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Granville Inn Holiday Wedding

This week we took our Christmas tree down. That’s always sad to me as it marks the end of the holidays “for real”, but it also makes it feel like there’s still months-long of winter ahead. In an effort to keep the holidays in my spirit, I want to post a holiday wedding today!

Kate and Chad said “I do” last holiday season at the Granville Inn, one of the most beautiful places you could ever have a holiday-themed wedding. The decor is always spot-on. When you walk in the lobby, you’re greeted with a fire in the fire-place,  Christmas lights twinkling all around, and a warm reprieve from the cold outside. There was a dusting of lingering snow on the ground during portraits, which was just enough in my opinion. Wedding shoes and snow can be a bad combination, but we were lucky that the weather was just right. One of my favorite parts of this wedding were the table numbers that Kate hand-crafted herself. They were so photogenic and the color combination was really pretty and sophisticated. Freshly-cut evergreen branches and vases of cranberries finished the look. It was so pretty as the colors were backlit with the twinkling white lights of the ballroom’s Christmas tree. These two danced into the night as the crisp winter air howled outside. I feel so lucky to have been there and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kate and Chad! XO Jess

karen and jay walk in granville ohio

Wedding Photos from Granville Inn

My job often has twists and turns. Sometimes I’m not even sure where I’m going to be the next weekend. Karen and Jay booked me less than a week out from their wedding. I was excited, to say the least, but I also had no idea how much fun I was about to have at this wedding. When I walked in, Karen and Jay were in the same room putting together bouquets for their wedding day. After a few minutes of this, Karen rushed Jay out the door to go get ready. As I photographed her dress, different family members came in to visit her and see how she was. Her daughter carried her dress into the bathroom and helped her get dressed. Weddings are such a whirlwind. Karen had been dealing with so many little details from the day, it didn’t leave her much time to get ready, but Karen was nothing but jokes, laughs and smiles as everyone rushed about. Finally, with her dress on, she was flawless and it was time to tie the knot.

On a sunny and hot July evening, Jay and Karen exchanged vows in the outdoor courtyard of the Granville Inn. I have been to over 250 weddings, and I had never seen this before: the minister allowed for people to individually stand up and “bless” them with something, such as patience, peace, etc. It was so special and meaningful.

From the ceremony, just the three of us walked a bit around Granville. That day there happened to be an outdoor carnival. Karen and Jay immediately lit up and decided we had to stop there for some fun photos. I totally felt like a little kid again. These two are incredible in every way. At the reception, I asked Jay about Karen and how they met. He said he was tired of the dating scene because it was usually very superficial. When he met Karen, he was immediately drawn to how spiritual she was. It was her authenticity and devotion to God and him that he fell in love with. I can see why. She has an electric personality and I wish these two endless years of carnivals, dancing in the street together, and an unending love that grows with time.

bride and groom walking down granville alley

Granville Inn Wedding

About an hour away from Columbus lives a magical little city called Granville. I was lucky enough to have three weddings there this year, and this was the first of the three. I’m not exactly sure how to describe Granville other than it has an eclectic old-money charm. Emily and David chose the newly renovated Granville Inn as the backdrop for their early summer wedding. The stone courtyard at the Inn is perfect for more intimate weddings. The Flowerman masterfully created a floral arch that stood behind the couple as they took their wedding vows. It looked spectacular behind the bride with her pink accented Allure gown and the bridesmaids’ fun patterned floor-length dresses. A lot of my bridesmaids’ dresses have been awesome this year. I’m loving the floor-length floral pattern trends that are out now.

After their sunny ceremony, Emily, David, the bridal party and I all walked around Granville and took photos. The city has cool spots to shoot literally around every corner. Brick-lined alley-ways were met with old stone buildings. Beautiful and vibrant stained glass windows peaked out from behind white classical buildings. Iron-worked fences lined streets that were covered by a canopy of mature wind-blown trees.

The Granville Inn ballroom is a beautiful warm room surrounded by stone walls and accented with chandeliers that have an old-world rustic vibe. Emily and David both share a love of literature. At their reception, stacks of books and garden lanterns came together to create fun garden-themed table centerpieces. Heart confetti was made from old books and then sprinkled around each table as decoration. Everything including the elegant Schneider’s Bakery cake was adorned with blooming pink roses. Heartfelt speeches made all of the bridesmaids tear up, which was so sweet. There was a lot of love in the room that night.

Thank you David and Emily for having me share this fantastic day with you both! I hope you love these:) XO Jess