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Two grooms touching foreheads

Nationwide Hotel LGBTQ Wedding

I cannot think of a better way to kick off Pride month than to feature this wonderful Nationwide Hotel LGBTQ Wedding! It was such an honor to capture Matt and Michael’s loving, genuine, and incredibly authentic celebration last year.

Eight years ago on June 26th, 2015, I was actually photographing a gay wedding. The couple didn’t know if their ceremony was going to be legal or not at the end of the day. It was announced at the reception that LGBTQ persons were now legally allowed to get married, and oh what a celebration that night was! People cheering, crying, and signing LEGAL documents! It’s become one of my favorite wedding-day core memories and a moment I’ll never forget.

It’s hard to believe up until that date and that moment, same-sex couples had been denied the right to legally marry. It goes without saying that for many reasons including this one, the LGBTQ community has felt excluded and marginalized. For that reason, any time an LGBTQ wedding happens, it’s also a celebration of equality and the right to marry and love whoever your heart loves, no matter what gender. These weddings are brave and make a statement to the world about love triumphing always. It’s one of the reasons LGBTQ weddings are some of my very favorites.

On this special day, Matt and Michael wore matching navy blue tuxedos with black accents. Everyone in their wedding party wore the same navy color and it was STUNNING. I adore monochromatic everything. Matt and Michael said their vows surrounded by their closest family and friends in the Edgewater Room at Nationwide Hotel. The sun beamed in on them as they made their marriage official.

Their reception was accented by a custom logo made from both of their initials. Elegant blue and white flowers decorated every table. My favorite part was the eye candy that OMG Sweets provided for the dessert table. As always, Nationwide knocked it out of the park with its incredible food.

After dinner, the couple was showered with love and some hilarious speeches. They then moved into the dancing room for their first dance where the love between them was simply palpable. Soon after, guests danced into the evening and celebrated and cheered Matt and Michael as they officially launched this new chapter of their lives together. Last month was their one-year anniversary and I’d like to wish them a very happy one year down!


Venue: Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
Desserts: OMG Sweets
Florals: Botanica Flowers
DJ: Buckeye Entertainment
Videographer: Up and Up Weddings

Two men getting married at Nationwide Hotel

Two grooms walking together

LGBTQ wedding party

Groom and groom portraits at Nationwide Hotel

LGBTQ wedding party

LGBTQ wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony for two grooms

two grooms and their first kiss

nationwide hotel edgewater room

Reception at Edgewater

Two grooms and their first dance

LGBTQ wedding dancing

Nationwide Hotel Edgewater Wedding

Happy first anniversary to Jamie and Robert! This past weekend we did a first-anniversary shoot. I figured before I posted that I should show you their incredibly charming wedding. Also, a year of marriage happens so quickly and is so worthy of being celebrated!

Jamie and Robert had a beautiful summer wedding with details of maroon, blush, and red. There were subtle nods to Robert’s Asian heritage with paper cranes and Jamie’s red reception dress. The summer sun was direct and flooded the Edgewater room at Nationwide Conference Center with light. In the photos, these two almost seem to glow as they are backlit at the altar. One of the sweetest moments I remember from their ceremony was how many people were crying. I think that’s a testament to those being in the moment with you. People were truly captivated with Jamie and Robert as they said their vows, gave loving glances at each other and started their marriage with a kiss and a loving embrace.

At the reception, small thoughtful details were around every corner. As you walked into the Edgewater room, you were met with hanging chandeliers made from hand-folded paper cranes. Cranedeliers , if you will. I love any time you can incorporate decor in your reception venue ceiling. My favorite part of the reception was when Jamie and Robert introduced their wedding party instead of being introduced last. The introductions were funny and a genuine demonstration of the friendship they had with their wedding party. It also set a certain energy level for the room that just felt electric. Another memorable detail was that each guest had a paper crane at their place setting. They were invited to put the paper crane in a box that represented a couple of charities that were meaningful to Jamie and Robert so a donation could be made on their behalf. I love that they used their wedding as a way to give back. I feel so blessed to have shot this wedding and our session last weekend. I can’t wait to share the new photos with you in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy this perfect summer wedding!

Nationwide Hotel Holiday Wedding

Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate everything wintery wonderland, I have this gorgeous New Years’ wedding to share with you today!. Sometimes winter weddings are hard because they’re cold which can be limiting as to where we can go. Luckily, you don’t ever have to worry about that if you get married at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. Indoor or out, there are plenty of amazing spots to choose from. I love how they decorate there for the holidays, too. Nicole and Tony extended the holiday decor indoors with a white evergreen theme.  when the lights were turned low, the whole setting oozed romance.

After the ceremony, guests were greeted with a ballroom that was uplit and oh-so-dreamy. Also waiting for them was the largest most spectacular cookie table I’ve ever seen. These two dined and danced the night away, and at midnight were showered with celebratory cheers and good wishes. I was so lucky to be there and can’t thank Nicole and Tony enough for having me! Happy New Year everyone! May your 2020 bring you laughter, health, and good fortune. XO Jess

Nationwide Hotel Wedding Photos

I have been waiting SO LONG to write this blog post and can’t wait to share these two beautiful people and their wedding with the world! They might look familiar to you from their engagement shoot I posted about here.

From start to finish, Traci and Andrew’s wedding took place at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. It was mid-November and while the leaves on the trees were about a month behind and in full color, the temperature outside already felt like winter. It was Cold with a capital C. This is another reason Nationwide can be an ideal place to have a wedding year-round, because there are so many indoor options to shoot in, and so on this day, we definitely utilized those spots. The colors for the wedding were classic shades of maroon and pink. And holy smokes, that color combo was nothing short of show-stopping because Madison House was at the helm with the florals.

It might have been a cold and blustery day outside, but inside it was warm and romantic as Traci walked down the aisle towards Andrew. A soft pink drape adorned with sprays of flowers created a beautiful focal point for the two of them as they said their vows.  Before you knew it, they were husband and wife and it was time to get the party started!

Lucky for them, the Edgewater room had been newly renovated and the entire place was so clean and polished. Traci’s sister put the finishing florals on the cake and the stage was set for one heck of a fun party! And can we say holy amazeballs dessert table!!??!!  You guys, I know exactly why I’m 10-pounds overweight- wedding desserts. I’m going to have to hypnotize myself to stop liking wedding cake one of these days.

A huge thank you to Traci and Andrew for letting me be there on this perfect day! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! XO Jess

morgan and brian smiling outside of church doors

St. Brigid of Kildare and Nationwide Hotel Wedding

When I arrived at Morgan’s room on her wedding day everything was abuzz. There was a kinetic energy in the air that was just so happy! Morgan herself was nothing but smiles. The dress was hanging on the windowsill and from everywhere in the room, it served as a beautiful focal point.  When it was time to put on her dress, Morgan and her mother stood alone in front of the window as she buttoned up the back of the lacy silhouette. One of my favorite things to photograph is a mother’s hands as they fasten their daughter into their dress. It’s a quiet moment filled with a stillness and a deep love. Right after her dress was on, Morgan was embraced with hugs from family and friends. It was now time to go outside and see Brian.

The couple saw each other for the first time on the grounds of the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. Morgan tapped Brian on his shoulder and as he turned around and saw her, his face was pure joy. He embraced her in a deep hug, spun her around and then it was time to go get married!

The ceremony took place at St. Brigid of Kildare. I think this is one of my favorite churches because it is so photogenic. So much so, we even utilized the grounds after the wedding for some of their portraits. From the church, we all piled onto the party bus and were whisked away to Highbanks Metro Park for some beautiful portraits in a more natural setting. We stumbled upon this old path that was grown over, yet perfect for dreamy wedding photos. After that, we got back on the bus and one of my favorite moments of the day happened. Brian started lip-syncing to Morgan on the bus. It was so adorable and you could just feel the love between them. After some photos around the NHCC grounds, it was time for their reception in the newly renovated Edgewater Room. Madison House Designs provided the stunning florals that accented every table. Speeches, happy-teared dances and an evening full of laughter and happiness followed. I feel so lucky to have been there to see and capture it all. Thank you, Morgan and Brian, for trusting me with your photographs! XO Jess

couple in rustic alley on their wedding day

Nationwide Hotel Edgewater Wedding

It was early March at the cusp of spring when Kelly and Adam said “I do” in the heart of Downtown Westerville, Ohio. Their beautiful ceremony took place at the Church of the Messiah. I love shooting there because the towering stained glass windows and candles that illuminate the center aisle-way are romantic and always inspire me as a photographer. I think Kelly and Adam felt the same way because they specially requested some photos with the windows as the backdrop.

Kelly’s dress was just perfect for her. It was form-fitting at the top and gradually cascaded downward. She topped it off with the most beautiful lace shell. My favorite part was how she finished the look with a long necklace which you don’t see very often. It made her look both vintage and modern at the same time- that necklace brought an unexpected cool factor in my book.

In March the sun sets early so we shot portraits in downtown Westerville instead of traveling around the city. I’m so glad we did too because the sun was low and warm in the sky and made for some pretty dreamy photos. It was admittedly pretty cold and Kelly and Adam were both really great sports to go along with all of our ideas. From downtown Westerville, we made our way over to Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in Lewis Center, Ohio. The facility had just renovated their Edgewater room and Kelly and Adam’ss wedding was the first to ever be held in the new facility, and boy it didn’t disappoint. Everything was pristine, fresh and stunning. The evening light flooded through the windows and made the whole room feel romantic. The new ceiling beams added a rustic charm and the new paint and finishes offer a more modern and clean look. This new space is everything I hoped it would be as a photographer!

Kelly and Adam’s friends and family gave some great speeches- including Adam’s confirmation of being a Steelers fan now, whether he likes it or not. Later on the dance floor, the men of the room surprised everyone with an all-out on the floor booty shake and roll dance. I’ve been to tons of weddings and never seen this before but it was amazing! I hope you enjoy this wedding today! It was such an honor to meet these two and get to know them over the last few months. Love always, Jess

Heather and Kyle walking along a path at NHCC

Columbus Nationwide Hotel Wedding

Heather and Kyle were married earlier this summer at Berlin Presbyterian Church in Lewis Center, OH. This church might look unsuspecting from the outside, but the inside has the most magnificent stained glass focal point behind the main altar. They were surrounded by family and friends as they said their “i-do”s. A family member was even the officient.

After the beautiful ceremony, the party made its way over to the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center for photos and the reception. The bridesmaids wore long pale purple gowns that accented the delecate Madison House Designs bouquets perfectly.  The men wore purple striped ties and grey suits to finish the look. Heather is one of those people that is just naturally beautiful. She has gorgeous long flowing hair, expressive eyes, and a smile and laugh that can light up a room. Needless to say, she made for a stunning bride. I loved watching them during the speeches soak up all the love. Their first dance was so intimate. It was sincere and heartwarming as they softly sang just to each-other as they danced.

The evening really picked up and the dancing was awesome! Dessert was provided by Nothing Bunt Cakes, and I swear to you my eyes rolled into the back of my head when I tried the chocolate-chocolate chip bunt. I loved it so much I’m asking for one for my birthday later this month. Anyways, I hope you love these photos! It was an honor to spend the day with such amazing people.

Nationwide Hotel Wedding

heartfelt wheelchair wedding

Nationwide Hotel Wedding

On a perfect spring day at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in Northern Columbus, OH, the stage was set for this beautiful wedding and reception which took place in the hotel’s Edgewater room. The room was flooded with natural light from its floor to ceiling windows and live music from a flute and string duo. Megan’s parents walked her down the isle for a breathtaking and emotional entrance.

Megan and Michael are probably the most in-love couple I’ve ever seen. Just to see them look at each-other you’d think they’d just met. I go to a lot of ceremonies so it’s pretty rare I get choked up, but even I was a little teary eyed when they exchanged their heartfelt vows. And I wasn’t the only one! As you can see from the photos below, the whole place was crying. It was such an authentic and beautiful thing to witness.

Megan’s florals were jaw-dropping. Madison House Designs really outdid themselves with her exotic white and purple Calla Lily bouquet. Purple rose petals and candles adorned each table at the reception. Deserts were provided by Our Cupcakery and I can attest to not only their beauty, but also deliciousness. I am, for all intensive purposes, an amateur dessert taster on the weekends.

Their first dance was my favorite moment of the whole day. You could tell that they were the only two in the room in their own minds. So in love, singing to each other, genuinely having a blast, and celebrating their incredible bond. After the first dance, I also loved the father daughter dance. From there the party really picked up and even Megan’s mom busted out some killer dance moves she had been practicing! When I left that night, I felt so blessed. Blessed to have this job, blessed to have met Megan and Michael, and blessed to document so many incredible moments. I hope you love these! XO Jess

bride laughing at groom

Nationwide Hotel Wedding

Erica and David’s wedding was such a fun ride from beginning to end. Erica’s family decorated her parent’s house where they got ready with lights, tulle and signs. It was so festive with a lot of family watching and helping Erica get ready. Amanda Mark, aka Beauty Mark LLC, was behind the helm for Erica’s makeup and hair. She literally put the most beautiful shade of peach lipstick on her that I’ve ever seen. Erica’s side-up-do was the perfect hair style for her dress.

Erica’s Ivy Bridal Studio dress was form fitting, contemporary, and oh so sophisticated. A gold belt with gold and diamond accented jewelry brought the whole outfit together and complimented Erica’s dark hair and rich skin tone perfectly. And what could be more elegant than topping it all off with just a dab of COCO?!

Hilliard Floral Design designed arrangements with soft vintage pink roses and white peonies. The bridesmaids wore black dresses, so the fresh bouquets really popped for this early August wedding. Erica was worried about not being photogenic, but they literally look like they’re out of the pages of a wedding magazine. I spy a potential future in modeling;)

From the moment Erica and David saw each other, it was ear-to-ear smiles for the rest of the day. At their reception, The Company Band had everyone out of their chairs and on the dance floor. Live music really brings any party up a notch, and this was no exception. At one point, people took turns throwing the bride and groom and their respective families in the air. A good party wouldn’t be anything without a little sugar (my favorite part of ANY wedding), and Sue Larson delivered in a big way with grand 4-tier cake that was adorned with fresh flowers.

A huge thank you to Erica and David for having me photograph your elegant day! I hope you love these as much as I do! XO Jess

smiling bride and groom

Nationwide Hotel Wedding

How cute are Clare and Chad? Seriously, though. These two Chicago lovebirds traveled back to Ohio for their April wedding which took place at one of my favorite Columbus venues, Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. Their ceremony and reception took place in the Edgewater room, where the hotel recently added rustic bistro lights to the ceiling to create an even more enchanting experience. This room overlooks a pond (Edgewater isn’t just a creative name) that they have on the property which is also stunning as the sun sets around the venue.

Before the wedding, these two had their first look outside on the side lawn and it was so sweet. They couldn’t stop giggling with each other. Clare’s David’s bridal dress was nothing short of perfection and Chad’s Vera Wang suit was on point. My second shooter Carmen came up to me and said “He looks like super man!”

Chad and Clare’s reception decor literally took my breath away when I walked into the room. Pink flowers poured over every table and were accented with vintage skeleton keys. The most beautiful Whole Foods cake sat at the end of the table and created a very mouth-watering focal point. Illuminated “C” marquee lights adorned the mantle along with their favorite literary reads. Later in the night after they cut their cake, they toasted with vintage Bride and Groom toasting glasses. There were custom cocktails, which of course led to custom dance moves later in the night. I think my favorite moment of the evening was when I caught just the two of them off in a corner during their reception talking, sharing a moment, and stealing a kiss. More couples should do this because the night goes so quickly (and it’s the cutest photo opp ever). I hope you love these as much as I loved taking them! XO Jess



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