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Scioto Reserve Country Club Wedding Photos

It has been so much fun blogging and reliving all of the amazing weddings from over the past year. I truly love what I do and feel so blessed to be able to peek into so many’s lives even if just for a little bit.

This wedding was last June and was beautiful for so many reasons. I met up with Danielle as she was getting ready in the Bridal Suite at the Scioto Reserve Country Club.  They were steaming her cathedral length veil when I arrived. There are very few things I love more than a longer-than-life veil. As she got her dress on, you could see the excitement in her eyes. It was a sunny day with no clouds in the sky. The country club has this amazing little spot of trees right near the back of the club where I just love to do portraits. This is where we did the first look with Charles. The expression on his face was so cute as he turned around and saw how stunning Danielle looked. We then hopped on a golf cart and took some photos around the grounds. The sun softly illuminated them both as they walked.

It was then time to get married! They had an outdoor ceremony in the back of the club. As Charles read his vows to Danielle, a beam of light came through and highlighted only his eyes. For me, it was a poetic moment. I’m such a sucker for cool lighting.

Inside the reception room, soft violet and cream accents adorned every corner. When the dancing started, it didn’t stop. There was so much joy and love in the room that night. Thank you so much to Danielle and Charles for letting me be a small part of it all!

bride and groom walking on golf course

Scioto Reserve Country Club Wedding

Amber and Thomas had a romantic Columbus wedding at Scioto Reserve Country Club this past summer. (Yeah, I’m that good at blogging on-time, seeing as it’s late November) The country club itself has lovely getting ready spaces for the bride & groom, and beautiful grounds for dreamy romantic photos. We never went off-property the whole day. The ceremony and reception were adorned with red roses, baby’s breath, candles and colorful floral wedding programs. Amber’s form fitting Wtoo Pippin dress was show-stopping with its intricate geometric details and a back that softly flowed behind her when she walked. The day was sunny, bright and windy. The couple was laid back, quick-witted and genuine. The venue was filled with natural light and tons of family love. The cake was stacked with awesome layers of icing. (lol) I think my favorite part of the day was when Amber and Thomas played the “shoe” game at their reception. The Bride and groom each get one of their own shoes and one of their partners’ shoes. They are then asked a series of questions that give the whole party humerus insight on their relationship. Each of them raises the shoe who they thinks matches the answer to the question (like, “who made the first move”). It was really fun watching Thomas try to resist looking at how Amber was answering. Anyways, I’ll stop my jabberin’ so you can get to the photos. I hope you love these! XO Jess

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