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Camp Mary Orton Wedding

Being from Ohio, one might think I’d be more accustomed to the country, but the truth is, I’m a city girl through and through. When Kathy told me that her fiance Rick owned a sheep farm, I felt like that was quite possibly one of the cooler things I’d heard all year. On the day of their wedding, I felt a childlike wonderment as I saw their sheep! And I giggled, because all of them had numbers spray painted on them. You could literally count their sheep.

Rick and Kathy held a small intimate ceremony at their church in West Liberty Ohio. The church had the most beautiful old wall right next to it so we used it as a backdrop for some of their photos. Then it was off to Camp Mary Orton for the wedding festivities! The grounds there are so scenic, and the whole time I had flashbacks to when I went to camp there as a kid. Everything seemed so much smaller, as things do when you grow up.

Kathy surprised Rick with a cake version of their barn complete with the cutest sheep cupcakes you’ve ever seen in your life and a dessert display that would make anyone swoon. It was expertly crafted by Jennifer Edelen.  Check out her page if you want to drool at your desk.

The surprises didn’t end there. Kathy sang a sweet song to Rick with an instrumental group made up of their friends and family. It was so selfless, beautiful and I totally had a few tears behind my camera. Everything from start to finish all day was about family. The beauty of the multiple generations of love that surrounded these two made you feel honored just to be in the same room. I can’t thank Kathy and Rick enough for letting me be a part of their day and I hope you enjoy these photos! XO Jess

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