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On wedding days, I get to become immersed in other people’s families for a short window of time. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at picking up on subtle interactions that speak a lot louder than words. One thing that struck me about this wedding was the love that was so prevalent from Catherine’s mother for her daughter. I would sometimes catch her admiring in awe as Catherine was getting ready or laughing with her friends. You could tell she was soaking it all in. Her mother had a constant ear-to-ear smile as she simply exuded pride and love. There is definitely a special bond between the two of them. So much so, we even photographed their wedding dresses side by side.

Catherine and Jonathan had a romantic summer wedding at the beautiful Clintonville Woman’s Club in the heart my favorite Columbus sub-city, Clintonville. This facility was simple and elegant all at once.  The outdoor ceremony space is nestled amongst tall towering pines, and beautiful lanterns hung from a pergola that created the perfect wedding backdrop.  It was supposed to rain all day, and about five minutes before their outdoor ceremony was supposed to start, I pulled out my cell phone and watched the radar which was tracking a huge storm set to roll in right during the middle of their vow exchange. Up until this date, my radar had never been wrong. It showed a massive storm right OVER us. And yet…no rain. During the ceremony this continued. The radar said we were in the middle of a massive storm, but still, no rain. It wasn’t until every last person was inside for the reception that the storm finally unloaded. It was nothing short of miraculous. The rest of the night was filled with great speeches, and even greater dancing! Enjoy! XO Jess