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Jaimie and Dwayne hugging in the park

Grange Insurance Audubon Engagement

Jaimie and Dwayne were married last weekend, so I just have to share their romantic engagement session we did last fall at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Downtown Columbus. These two both have a very soft and laid back presence, which makes them really fun and easy to be around. The night we went to the Audubon, the lighting was nothing short of magical. As it happens often, I saw another photographer friend of mine shooting there that same night. Fast forward to Jaimie and Dwayne’s wedding, that same photographer was second shooting with me. It’s such a small world sometimes!

Be on the lookout this year for a blog post about their wedding! It was so breathtakingly gorgeous and everywhere you looked there were details galore. They even had printed out some of their engagement photos and had them on display at their reception! (which I of course loved!)

I’m so excited to finally get this out into internet land today. I’ve been sitting on it far too long. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them! XO Jess

smiling couple walking the grounds of the audubon

michael and susan hugging on the main street bridge downtown columbus

Engagement Photos in Downtown Columbus Ohio

Ok I feel like a part of myself has been missing and this is because I haven’t written a blog in a couple of months. I set the craziest goal for myself this year to do 100 blogs. I am at 50-something, so obviously I didn’t make that goal. But it did train me to write and write regularly. So much so I really missed it when I stopped. I missed sharing all these amazing stories with you. I missed going in-depth visually and sharing all these fun moments we’ve had together. So even though I’m still on the crazy train of editing, I’m making time for a quick blog so I can get my fix.

This is Mike and Susan. When I met with them they mentioned they had this special cat that started hanging around them and basically adopted them. I told them they should bring her to their engagement shoot, and sure enough when I saw them pull up in their truck, there was their cat on their dashboard. I was excited like a little kid. I had never done an engagement shoot with a kitty! This was a very special cat, though. When we did photos of just Mike and Susan, Mike put the cat down to the side and it just waited for them to finish getting their photos taken. It was incredible. They theorized that the cat knows she has it good and wouldn’t dare leave them for life in the streets again. My brother always claimed that cats were super intellectually smart, and this might have proved it to me.

Mike and Susan’s evening shoot led us to the Scioto Mile bridge downtown where a fire red sun greeted us with the most spectacular rich lighting. From there the sun was pretty much gone but we stopped at the Columbus sign behind 16-bit arcade downtown. A couple of weeks after we took these photos, these two tied the knot in a stunning fall wedding which I can’t wait to share in the coming weeks! XO Jess

traci and andrew in love in german village

Engagement Photos at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center

I met Traci at a wedding show! I never really do wedding shows, but I was so excited to be asked to be a part of the one at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center and I couldn’t refuse. There was only one issue- it was exactly one week before I was supposed to give birth to our daughter! I looked like a beach whale. I was standing on chairs to get my booth set up- I’m sure I made more than one person nervous, lol.  In walks Traci, cute as can be. She’s by herself because she came straight from work. We just started talking and I swear just talked and talked for a couple of hours like we had already known each other for years. She told me about the love of her life, Andrew, and how much they had already been through together. She confessed at the time she wasn’t yet engaged, but she accidentally found the receipt for the ring he bought, so why not start planning the wedding, LOL.

Fast forward to their engagement session date. I was driving to the Audubon center when I got a phone call from her. It was hailing golfball sized hail where they lived and was moving right towards southern Columbus. Needless to say, we decided to reschedule the shoot. And oh my gosh people, the weather on their re-schedule date was amazing. These photos couldn’t be more perfect! I just had to call a rain date on a couple this past weekend, which I rarely do. But it’s very much worth it sometimes.

I am so excited for your wedding in a couple of weeks, Traci and Andrew! Getting to know you both has been one of the highlights of my year, so getting to know your family also will be so much fun!

couple hugging around fall leaves

Columbus Fall Engagement Shoot

Chelsey wanted the fall colors in her and Michael’s engagement photos, which was somewhat of a hit-or-miss game this year! Luckily, the day we had their shoot the weather was absolutely perfect and the first location we shot at, the Grange Insurance Audubon Center, was alive with every fall color imaginable! Chelsey wore a purple vest that was absolutely perfect for fall photos. Seeing these photos this week, when the weather is turning dark and drap is a serious mood-lifter. They even brought their little doggie that has that absolute best little ears and cutest little kissable face!! He would even enjoy laying in Michaels’ arms like a baby.

From the Audubon center, we went to the Scioto Mile for some city backdrops. Chelsey wore a dress that Michael gave her for their first Christmas together. She said the gift came with theater tickets as well- a very “pretty woman” moment! The hot pink color looked so vibrant against the city- I just love it when people wear bold colors! I’m so excited for their wedding next year. These two are so fun to be around and super easy to photograph!! Cheers to you both! Xo jess

happy engaged couple standing in a wild flower field

Columbus Fall engagement

Let the fall engagement posts begin! Morgan and Brian met me out in early fall at Schiller Park in German Village. The weather was still warm, but there was a perfect fall overcast above us (Ideal for shooting!). Schiller Park is one of those amazing parks where you will literally see it all every time you visit, just like the state fair. As we were shooting, a family next to us was having their family photos taken- with their shirts off, of course.

Flowers were in full splendor. We ventured over to the book loft which always takes my breath away every time I visit. Morgan and Brian hadn’t been inside the store yet, but I assured them it was Columbus’ coolest fire hazard. So many winding hallways and staircases. Wandering the isles will make you feel like a little kid again. The outside is just as enchanting with overflowing flower boxes and painted red window sills.

From there we traveled to the Grange Insurance Audubon Center for their spectacular prairie-like grounds. When I was editing this collection, I couldn’t get Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” song out of my head. I just love this song and think it would also be a perfect first dance song at a wedding.

While I was actually shooting these, however, I had Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” in my head. LOL. This also happens to be the perfect song to play right when your coffee is kicking in. I find myself singing Queen in my head a lot at shoots.

I’m so honored that Morgan and Brian chose me to be their wedding photographer for their Nationwide Hotel wedding next year. The time between now and then will fly so quickly, this I know.  Until then, I hope you love these photos as much as I loved taking them! XO Jess

Pickup Truck Engagement

Caitlyn and Adam are simply over-the-moon crazy-in-love. It’s so much fun to just be around them. You can see it in the way the just look at each other. Those smiles are more than genuine- they come straight from the heart.

Caitlyn said she wanted to get some photos taken with Adam’s truck, and I jumped at the chance. It made for such a romantic, casual fall setting. The wildflowers were out in a colorful tour-de-force and the sun was warm and low in the sky. Days like this one take my breath away and make me glad to be able to have a camera in my hands.

After some photos at the park, we headed to the Short North to take some photos near Marchella’s, where they had their first date! As it turns out, a lot of my couples have their first date at this Italian Restaurant, and for good reason. It’s romantic, bustling, and alive with energy inside.

Caitlyn and Adam, thank you for the sweetest, most genuine evening. It was so much fun and I feel so excited for your wedding next year! XO Jess

Engaged couple hugging in Schiller Park

A German Village Engagement

It was a perfect spring day with a subtle breeze in the air, just enough to make a small piece of hair come to life. Amanda and Eric met me at the Grange Insurance Audubon for their engagement session, and then we drove to German Village and took some more photos paparazzi style! I was a little obsessed with shooting in this area of Columbus this past spring. All of the brick streets looked extra quaint with all of the flower boxes having freshly planted flowers around every corner.

I can’t get over Amanda’s stunning eyes- they’re captivating. And they both have such a genuine smile- they make a super cute couple and will make a very good-looking bride and groom come this November. Until then, enjoy these photos! It was such a stunner of a day! XO Jess

in love couple hugging and laughing

German Village Engagement

I loved this shoot so much that I literally overloaded my Instagram with Saji and Shanka’s images right after they were delivered. If you haven’t yet- check out my Instagram at – it’s where I post my most up-to-date and recently delivered photos.

It was early spring, however the weather was oddly prefect. I’m still in-love with the outfits they chose. Solid bright colors will always bring life and a dash of joy to any photo. I love to do what I call “paparazzi engagement shoots”. This is where we all hop in a car and discover new locations together, stopping whenever any of us feels inspired. Besides being super fun, it gets people’s mind out of the realm of ‘camera vs couple’, and into just having a fun time together as a unit.

These two had lived in the same city very briefly when they met, and then spent the majority of their time dating long-distance. As of now, they are happily married and now in the same city! Their wedding took place in Sri Lanka in late Springtime, a few weeks after our shoot in German Village in downtown Columbus. They are laid back, funny and so fun to watch together. I really couldn’t be more excited to share these photos with the world today! I hope you love them half as much as I loved shooting them:) XO Jess

happy couple leaning on fence

Grange Insurance Audubon Engagement

I get asked all the time if pets are welcome on engagement shoots- and duh, of course they are! Scott and I had our engagement photos taken almost 7 years ago with our dog Rugby. There is nothing better than sweet doggie unpredictability to make a shoot more exciting and joy-filled.

Sally and Tom have the two sweetest golden retrievers that are very much a part of their little family. We ventured over to the Grange Insurance Audubon center last fall for a very special and colorful engagement session. I like to do my sessions in the late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky and it’s most likely to create magical lighting conditions, and this shoot was no exception. Vibrant yellows and reds played against Sally’s magenta top, making a colorful wonderland of cuteness. Mix that with slobbery kisses from their fur babies and the night was complete.

I can’t wait for Tom and Sally’s early October wedding in Cape Cod, which will of course be out-of-this-world stunning. Until then, I could just look at these photos all day, and lucky me, I have been! Enjoy this punch of color and remember, spring will be here soon! Thank you so much Tom and Sally for having me out to share in the love.


Wedding Photography Columbus- Best of Weddings 2014

Happy 2015! I would like to dust off this blog and give a special thank you to all of the amazing people I was lucky enough to meet, work with, and photograph this year. It has truly felt like two years all rolled into one and to call the experience rewarding would be an understatement. I will be blogging the remaining weddings I photographed in 2014 in the coming weeks, but this blog is reserved for my most favorite wedding photos from last year. Thank you so much to the other fantastic photographers who shot as my second shooters this year- Kim, Carmen, Zak, Steve, Jared, Melissa, and my husband Scott.

In 2014, Scott graduated graduate school in Occupational Therapy and now works during the day at his dream job helping others live a more active, pain-free life. To celebrate his graduation and our life together, we took off most of the month of September and went on a grand tour of California together. I will also blog about this trip in the coming weeks. We saw some amazing things that I can’t wait to share.

Last year I did a lot of soul searching about what direction I wanted to take my company. I overhauled my website with a fresh, new design that’s easier to navigate. I found a lot of clarity in 2014 about what I think is most important about the field of photography, which can be read about here. I attended workshops and seminars on how to enhance my practice and there wasn’t a complacent bone in my body. I’m so excited to enter into 2015 with a full schedule, a new camera body added to my arsenal, and the most wonderful, fun couples I could ever ask for!

So on to the good stuff! The photos below all pulled at my heart strings in one way or another. All of the couples I was lucky enough to photograph last year were so amazingly creative. The details were simply breathtaking, and this post would be 5,000 photos long if I included all the ones I wanted to. I hope you enjoy these and cheers to a happy, healthy, fantastical new year! XO Jess

best 2015 wedding photographer Columbus OH