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Grange Insurance Audubon Engagement

I get asked all the time if pets are welcome on engagement shoots- and duh, of course they are! Scott and I had our engagement photos taken almost 7 years ago with our dog Rugby. There is nothing better than sweet doggie unpredictability to make a shoot more exciting and joy-filled.

Sally and Tom have the two sweetest golden retrievers that are very much a part of their little family. We ventured over to the Grange Insurance Audubon center last fall for a very special and colorful engagement session. I like to do my sessions in the late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky and it’s most likely to create magical lighting conditions, and this shoot was no exception. Vibrant yellows and reds played against Sally’s magenta top, making a colorful wonderland of cuteness. Mix that with slobbery kisses from their fur babies and the night was complete.

I can’t wait for Tom and Sally’s early October wedding in Cape Cod, which will of course be out-of-this-world stunning. Until then, I could just look at these photos all day, and lucky me, I have been! Enjoy this punch of color and remember, spring will be here soon! Thank you so much Tom and Sally for having me out to share in the love.


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