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Urbana Country Wedding

I was so excited when I added Chelsie and Drew to my 2016 lineup a few months before their wedding. Even though it happened to rain on their wedding, it was still the perfect day to get married, and it also happened to be my 35th birthday! It’s like an out-of-body experience realizing I’m that old…I mean young? Either way, I got to eat cake which is what was really important. When I got home from the wedding that night, my brother, who had been vacationing in Africa, flew in to surprise me and was waiting with huge open arms when I got there. It was basically the perfect day.

Anyways, funny story- Chelsie is officially one of the bravest brides I’ve met! She bought her designer wedding gown online, sight unseen, never tried it on…and it fit like a glove. Not only did it fit, it was just stunning. I could not get enough of the back’s transparent details and beautiful buttons that followed from her low back up to her neck.

They were wed in a little church in Urbana, Ohio followed by a reception that was held in a friend’s barn. Chelsie told me that the barn was not in any way a venue, so they took a lot of time and elbow grease to get it into wedding shape. Out in front of the barn was the most beautiful row of pine trees. It honestly looked a little bit like a Christmas Tree Farm, and oh so perfect for photos. Dinner was homemade by the family and served buffet style. It was delicious and so heartwarming to experience how much love was poured into this beautiful event. I can’t thank Chelsie and Drew enough for the honor of being with them on their wedding day. I hope you love these photos! XO Jess

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