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Columbus Crew Wedding

What do you get when you have three loves of your life? You incorporate them all into your wedding! For Tori, they are Starbucks, the Columbus Crew, and of course Jason. You might remember these two from their Crew-themed engagement shoot earlier this year that can be seen here. I can’t even tell you how lucky I feel to have been with them on their wedding day. I just love how they made their wedding a cool, unique glimpse into their lives.

Their ceremony was held at Graystone Wine Cellar in the brewery district downtown. This is a very intimate venue that goes two stories underground and has arched stone rooms, just perfect for a smaller ceremony and reception. The wedding took place around lunch time. From there they went to their very own wedding Crew tailgate in the late afternoon. Tons of friends, people they’d coached soccer for and relatives gathered under the crew tent and feasted on delicious tailgate food. Even their cake was bright yellow and black!

For the game, Tori and Jason rented a suite in the MAPFRE Stadium, good thing, too! A torrential downpour swept through right as the game was about to start. In true Ohio fashion, the weather cleared up in no time and the game started about an hour late.

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Tori and Jason were so generous- they let me and my husband use their stadium seats for the game which were AM-MAZING! Our sitter for the night fell through, so we brought Caddie also. They gifted my husband and I with our very own Crew scarfs, which we proudly display in Caddie’s bedroom. He was only 7 months old at the time these were taken, but that was just old enough for him to be excited about all of the people, lights and sounds. He did cry his brains out the first time the Crew scored a goal and the crowd went nuts lol. I just want to say to Tori and Jason a heartfelt thank you. From the day I met you, you felt like insta-friends. You have been so warm, loving, and generous since day one.

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