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Columbus Whetstone Engagement

Jenne and Paul are so totally cute with each other! They are Columbus transplants by way of Nashville. Their wedding was in Nashville in the fall (last month to be exact), so they only had me shoot the session here in town. We met up at the Whetstone Park of Roses in Clintonville for their engagement session earlier this past summer. The roses were in full bloom, and you couldn’t really have asked for a more perfect day. Having been born and raised in Columbus, and I don’t want to sound like Lebron James is with Cleveland, but Columbus is such a vibrant beautiful city with SO MUCH going on. The park of roses is just one of those magical places that when you visit, you look around, and say to yourself- I can’t really believe this is just open to the public. The grounds are meticulously manicured (I have a new appreciation for this being a new home owner). Being a photographer I often visit beautiful spots in the city, so it’s no wonder my love affair with C-bus gets more serious each year.

And I just have to mention this- I’m really glad Westworld wasn’t out yet at the time of this shoot, because I would have been fan geeking about the fact that Jenne looks like the stunning Thandie Newton who plays Maeve in the show. Nerd alert!

Anyways, congratulations go out to Jenne and Paul on their recent wedding! And I hope the rest of you love these photos! XO Jess

jenne-and-paul-1 jenne-and-paul-2 jenne-and-paul-3 jenne-and-paul-4 jenne-and-paul-5 jenne-and-paul-6

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