Wedgewood Country Club Wedding

The day of Julie and Patrick’s wedding had every season’s weather all wrapped up into one day. They were such good sports through some really strange temperature swings, and we were able to get inside before it started to snow sideways. Ah, spring in Ohio!

I’ve gotten to know these two well over the past year. They are two of the most genuine, caring and loving people you can meet. Julie has a smile that can light up a room. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress and the wind added just the right touch of whimsy to some of her bridal veil photos.┬áHer bridesmaids wore long bright red dresses which added the perfect pop of color for the day. Pink, Red and Cream roses tied it all together.

Julie and Patrick were married at the beautiful St. Peter Catholic Church in Columbus. The sanctuary almost had an outdoorsy feel with its vaulted ceiling, natural light that poured through vibrant stained glass and palm fronds that adorned the altar. Their reception took place at Wedgewood Country Club where the trees were flowering in all their white spring glory.

So, as you can imagine I attend a lot of weddings and hear a lot of wedding speeches. Some of these are obviously better than others, but the speeches at this wedding were such a good window into who these two are. Julie and Patrick share a mutual devotion to their family and religion. They go out of their way as a regular practice to show other people how important they are. I think when people are naturally that selfless, it’s so much fun to sit and watch people put them in the spotlight.

I am so excited to share these photos from my first wedding of this season! I hope you love them. XO Jess

JUulie and patrick 1 JUulie and patrick 2 JUulie and patrick 3 JUulie and patrick 4 JUulie and patrick 5 JUulie and patrick 6 JUulie and patrick 7 JUulie and patrick 8 JUulie and patrick 9 JUulie and patrick 10 JUulie and patrick 11 JUulie and patrick 12 JUulie and patrick 13 JUulie and patrick 14 JUulie and patrick 15 JUulie and patrick 16 JUulie and patrick 17 JUulie and patrick 18 JUulie and patrick 19 JUulie and patrick 20

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