fun engagement in downtown columbus

Downtown Columbus Engagement

THESE TWO! I don’t even think I’ve ever laughed so much on a shoot before. Earlier this month we ventured around downtown Columbus for Colleen and Andy’s engagement shoot. Their doggie Nala was also in on the party, getting her closeup and some pics with her mom and dad snuggling all over her.

One of the things I love most about engagement shoots is getting to see how couples interact with each other. These two are not only down to earth, but also have the worlds best sense of humor. Having been with Scott for almost ten years now, I can say an awesome sense of humor will get you through just about anything your relationship might encounter. Take for example, one person being a Michigan fan and the other an Ohio State fan. In Andy’s defense, he’s from Michigan so I guess his dedication is understandable and definitely admirable considering the past few years they’ve had ;).

Having fun is at the core of life, right? There’s no shortage here. Spending the afternoon with these two made me giddy for their wedding later this year. Gahh! I’ll have to wait four more months to see them again, but at least I have these pictures to get me by.

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