magnolia engagement photo

Short North Engagement Session

I would call Kayla, Greg and myself the goof troop. From start to finish, this shoot was nonstop giggles, funny faces, and general fun. We started our adventure at Goodale Park on a very bright and beautiful sunny day! The moment I saw Kayla’s outfit I couldn’t stop fangirling at her. It was just the prettiest spring color combo that couldn’t have been more perfect for photos in the magnolia grove. Magnolia trees are so enchanting. When they first bud in the mid-spring, It’s a natural high. Mix with that a couple that’s crazy-in-love and you’ve got pure magic!

From the park, we wandered all over the Short North. I love getting lost on shoots with no other agenda than having fun and getting amazing images. The Short North seems to change every few months so it’s always exciting to see what’s different and what’s still the same. So what’s changed? I’m not gonna lie, that part of town is getting a little bougie. But it’s still so eclectic, art-driven, and most importantly buzzing with life. Speaking of life, aren’t Kayla and Greg’s smiles infectious? I just love the way Kayla melts into his arms, tilts her head back a little and that wide ear-to-ear smile just lights up her whole face. They both have such great senses of humor, which is the backbone of my and Scott’s relationship, so I can really relate to these two. I can’t wait for their October wedding, but until then I’m going to be staring at these dreamy spring photos! XO Jess

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