German Village Engagement Shoot

So I just realized I haven’t blogged Griffin and Dan’s engagement shoot yet which I’m about to remedy right now. These two were married a couple weeks ago in an intimate backyard ceremony that was swoon-worthy. But how can I tell you about that before I first show you how adorable these two are? For their engagement shoot we started with some photos in their German village backyard and then walked around their neighborhood, ducked in and out of alleyways, up and down brick-lined streets, and I made Griffin and dan kiss all along the way! Cuteness abounds.

Griffin wore a gorgeous blue bohemian-esque dress that took my breath away and looked flawless with her blonde hair. I loved Dan’s outfit but loved it even more when he described it as his “substitute teacher look”.

I know Griffin from high school but have admittedly only kept in touch since then through Facebook. I was so humbled when she approached me about her wedding photography a few months ago. I was also excited to catch up and meet her love, Dan. Griffin has a soft and collected way of speaking that is very soothing and genuine. Her presence is calming and her smile is infectious. Out of nowhere, she’ll crack a dry joke which is unexpected and my all-time favorite quality a person can have. Dan has a laid-back down-to-earth personality. He seems to be very go with the flow (at least as it relates to having photos taken). And I think my favorite part of spending time with them both is how they look at each other. So today I’m so excited to show you this super fun day, but I truly can’t wait to show you their wedding blog in the coming weeks!! Keep an eye out for these two! XO Jess


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