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I just woke up from my coma-like nap after returning home on the red eye this morning from California were I was lucky enough to attend Photo Field Trip 2015, also known as Yeah! Fieldtrip.

There are so many things that I want to write about this trip, but probably none more important than the reason I wasn’t going to go. I really don’t like to put myself in situations where I don’t know anyone, especially on the other side of the country….at least that’s what I kept telling myself. I’ve had limited experiences in this that were very difficult, mostly when I’ve moved to different cities and hadn’t known anyone and didn’t have any sort of friendships established yet. And those situations are hard. I find always having to smile and make small talk with people I don’t know completely exhausting, almost like a song and dance routine that never ends. This was my main reason I wasn’t going to go, so I made it my one reason I was GOING to go. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’ve put myself out there and reached outside of my comfort zone, it’s always been reciprocated with amazing people and experiences.

So the trip started out a little rocky- I bought a rather expensive airline ticket for the wrong month. The airline couldn’t fix it for me because I didn’t find out about it until AFTER that date passed. Losing the money sucked, but I found it seriously funny what I had done and my new flight was direct both ways, which is a big deal from Ohio.

Field Trip had a bus available from LAX which was awesome, because my brother lives in LA, so I got to see him during one of my layovers. The drive from LA to Santa Barbara is also extremely beautiful and it’s nice to just sit and watch the world pass you by sometimes, especially when it’s lush mountains, organic farms, and stunning ocean-side veiws. At LAX I saw some guys walking around with video cameras. I asked them if they were going to Field Trip, and they looked at me with the strangest faces and said “yeah” sarcastically. At first I thought they were being ironic hipsters, but later I found out they were just LAX paparazzi, there to film a star of a Lifetime Channel for Women series as she boarded her plane. #Blondemoment

When we pulled into the El Capitan Campground, it was so much prettier than anything I could have imagined. From yurts to cabins, tents to safari tents, this place was luxe and diversely unique all at once. Having been to WPPI before, I was wondering how this would compare. I understood the difference the moment I got there- fresh air and smiling, welcoming people everywhere.┬áIn fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been in an environment where you could just go up to literally anyone, and start a good down-to-earth conversation. And it wasn’t the song and dance routine I was scared of- it was awesome people being awesome together. And that never got old.

I was going to write in-depth about everything, but then I realized, that might be the same as spoiling the best movie you’ve ever seen. All I can say, is if you have the means and the interest to go, don’t let your fears stop you. You need to experience this- it’s awesome. Go with an open mind and an open heart and I promise you it will be a small highlight of your life. Instead of spelling it all out, I’d like to just write down some words that sum up my experience, and then of course some photos I took!

Laughter, unexpected, llamas, talent, energy, childlike, bliss, whimsy, warmth, friendships, hiking, baby goats, coffee, dust, green, calm, magic, colored smoke, unbridled, music, tears, booty shakes, connections, silliness, creative, universal, playful, cereal, open minded, burritos, flowers, love.


One last thing. Check out some of these amazing Field Trip partners. Their companies are inspirational in every way!


Krochet Kids International


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