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For those of you who know anything about us photographers, we tend to get a little hippy dippy trippy when it comes to good lighting, especially when the universe conspires to give you a drop dead gorgeous evening like this one last fall (holy late blogging, Jess). It was hot during the day, and crisp and cool as the warm sun set into a golden horizon… “magic hour.”

For this shoot we ventured to my hometown, Bexley, and walked around Jeffrey Mansion Park grounds. I love colorful images, and this day, the universe provided! Fall in Ohio tends to be pretty spectacular. Even the woodsy smell in the air is fantastic and nostalgic. I think you’ll agree this couple is amazingly cute together. I loved everything about the way they interacted with each other. Rachel would touch his face right as she was about to kiss him. It was so romantic and endearing. Near the end of the shoot, it was cold enough to cozy up in a blanket. And please! If you are getting married, and love your dog like your own child, lets incorporate it into your engagement session! Because seriously, every picture is made better with a cute puppers.

Rachel and Jake’s wedding will be here in a couple short months, and I can’t wait to see Rachel as a stunning bride!

Jeffrey Mansion Engagement

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