OSU Engagement Session

A couple of weeks ago Lindsey and Brian were married in one throw-down awesome wedding. I realized at that time I needed to blog about their engagement shoot we did late last year because it’s too cool not to. We went to OSU’s campus on a brisk fall shoot, and we did a dusk-evening color session to make it extra unique. What I think the coolest part of all of it is, they both went to OU!! They’re just such OSU fans they didn’t really care. I can’t blame them, as I, as well, am a Buckeye through and through.

The session started and ended at the OSU Stadium. Since it was fall, the trees were bursting with vibrant reds and yellows. There just happened to be the most dreamy sunset, which is one of the benefits of choosing to do an evening color session.

The Ohio State Stadium has beautiful stained glass windows at the vaulted front entrance. They are pretty easy to miss during the day, but at night they are internally lit and a dynamic testament to OSU football. They also make the perfect evening backdrop for any Ohio football lover. Mix that with some vibrant up-lit colors, and you have a collection bursting with life and love.

OSU engagement Session_01 OSU engagement Session_02 OSU engagement Session_03 OSU engagement Session_04 OSU engagement Session_05 OSU engagement Session_06 OSU engagement Session_07

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