Columbus 6 Month Baby Session

I think the 6 month mark for babies might be my favorite to photograph! The babies are usually interactive, smiley and super precious. What made this shoot even more fun, was the baby had a very proud older brother! This was an in-home session, which I adore doing when baby is small. It’s a lot more relaxed and less scary for the babe. Plus the photos reflect a true representation of their environment. One of my favorite photos of me when I was little was taken in my room. I get a kick out of seeing the posters that were on the wall and the types of toys I had laying around. I’m not going to mention what they were, as that will date me older than I’m prepared to share:) That’s the kind of stuff that’s real- that a posed or “perfected styled” shoot can’t offer. In an age of Pinterest overload, it’s nice to be reminded to be yourself sometimes. Make your own memories in your own environments. Don’t feel like you have to live up to some internet idealism that exists in photos of babies in a propped-out overload wonderland. That actually goes for all my photos clients- YOU DO YOU!!

Their grins are so huge and genuine- I dare you not to smile when you see these! It’s hard to believe that in a few short months I’ll have my own little roly poly little one.

Adorable Columbus in-home Family Photo shoot Lisa and Tim 6 mos 2 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 3 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 4 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 5 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 6 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 7 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 8 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 9 Lisa and Tim 6 mos 10

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