Olivia and austin

Irongate Equestrian Center Wedding

Olivia and Austin‘s wedding was one for the ages. It took place at the Irongate Equestrian Center in early May. The weather was a bit precarious, as it called for showers all day. It only rained when they were inside getting ready and they were able to have their wedding ceremony outdoors under a canopy of massive trees and a backdrop of horses grazing in the pasture. As I pulled up to the Irongate, some horses were poking their noses out of their stalls. I pulled my car over, got out and went over and talked to one of them and shot a few horse portraits. There’s something so enchanting about the eyes of horses. They’re so calm and carry with them so much emotion. It’s as if they know so much more than we do. Olivia is a long time horse and animal lover, as she owns a horse named Figaro ( who you might remember from their engagement pictures here) and just got her Ph.D. in veterinary science. Austin is a lover of everything outdoors and together they make the perfect couple who definitely hears the call of the wild. As Olivia and the girls were getting ready, Austin was outside helping set up the ceremony location. On the arbor they were decorating, there was a mounted deer head with a horseshoe attached to its center forehead. I asked Austin if that was one of his trophies from hunting, and he smiled really big and said, ” No, Olivia bagged that!” He went on to explain that the horseshoe that was affixed to the skull was found in his grandfather’s barn and used to ride on a working horse.

There was a nice breeze during their ceremony that brought Olivia’s veil to life. Olivia’s maid of honor also sang a song during the ceremony and she sounded like a professional singer! The whole experience was so hurtful and genuine. After the ceremony, we were able to take some fun photos with the bridal party and then some with just Olivia and Austin. I don’t think I could ever ask for a prettier location to shoot portraits.

Now it was time for the party to begin! And oh my god did this party not disappoint. I think this might win the best dancing of the year so far! My favorite moment was when the reception was over, all the people went outside for their sparkler send off, and Olivia and Austin had one last dance together in an empty room. It was one of the most romantic things I have ever seen and I highly suggest it to couples who want an extra special moment just by themselves at the end of their night.

Irongate equestrian center wedding

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