german village engagement session

German Village Engagement Shoot

I’m so excited to share this engagement session from February. You know that feeling of stepping out into the most beautiful spring evening after a long dark winter? The sun is warm on your face, you can smell the dirt in the air, and everyone is outside playing, running and jumping. This was a day like that, only it wasn’t spring. It was mid- February… but that’s the magic of Ohio.  Jon, Kasia, their dog Michi and I went around German Village, stopping at random nooks and crannies along the way. I call these paparazzi-style shoots, and they’re actually my favorite way of shooting an engagement session. We are all in it for the fun, we can all share our ideas openly, and we all work together to get some creative, fun and unique artistic portraits.

Having your photos taken is stressful. I know this because we just had our family portraits taken. It freaks me out each time I have to get in front of the camera. But like I always tell those that hire and work with me, after about 15 minutes of feeling awkward, it gets really fun. This shoot was no exception to that rule. These two are so caring and genuine with each other. And they are TALL! I now know what it must be like to be Tom Cruise. Anyways, I’m starting to ramble. I’ll just get on with the photos, because often my photographic voice is a lot more engaging than my written one. I hope you love this visual preamble to Spring. XO Jess

kasia and jon 1 kasia and jon 2 kasia and jon 3 kasia and jon 4 kasia and jon 5 kasia and jon 6 kasia and jon 7 kasia and jon 8 kasia and jon 9 kasia and jon 10 kasia and jon 11 kasia and jon 12 kasia and jon 13 kasia and jon 14 kasia and jon 15 kasia and jon 16 kasia and jon 17 kasia and jon 18

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