Columbus Museum of Art Wedding

This Downtown Columbus wedding needs a drum-roll before you see the photos. In reality, it wasn’t a wedding, rather a wedding reception/ kick-ass party. Eric and Alan were legally married in New York City earlier and then had their modern reception at the Columbus Museum of Art. I immediately felt like kindred spirits with the two of them through a mutual love of arts and careers in events and performances.

The thoughtful way this reception was styled was nothing short of perfection for the venue that housed it. Modern centerpieces were comprised of bright orange flowers accented with living grass. Natural light poured through the ceiling and brought all the color from both the centerpieces and the surrounding artwork to life. I adored their hot pink neon “&” sign and I stole it from their decor table for a pretty epic evening shot on the front steps of the museum. While vintage is awesome, I think more people should give a more modern approach to decor a spin. It was so uniquely them.

The cool thing about having your reception on a different day than your ceremony is you can totally focus on hanging out with your family and friends, and just being in the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever photographed so many hugs and smiling faces in one room before…and I’m a wedding photographer! We were even able to go out on the front steps of the museum and get a picture of everyone cheering the happy couple. I would whole-heartedly recommend this kind of photo for anyone who is able to get it at their wedding. As far as the party, I think this reception came close to tying my Nashville wedding for most awesome dance party. It seemed like EVERYONE there got down! At the end of the night, Eric and Alan surprised guests with some baked treats from their favorite Manhattan bakery. The perfect ending to the most genuinely fun night!

Columbus Museum of Art Wedding

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