couple hugging around fall leaves

Columbus Fall Engagement Shoot

Chelsey wanted the fall colors in her and Michael’s engagement photos, which was somewhat of a hit-or-miss game this year! Luckily, the day we had their shoot the weather was absolutely perfect and the first location we shot at, the Grange Insurance Audubon Center, was alive with every fall color imaginable! Chelsey wore a purple vest that was absolutely perfect for fall photos. Seeing these photos this week, when the weather is turning dark and drap is a serious mood-lifter. They even brought their little doggie that has that absolute best little ears and cutest little kissable face!! He would even enjoy laying in Michaels’ arms like a baby.

From the Audubon center, we went to the Scioto Mile for some city backdrops. Chelsey wore a dress that Michael gave her for their first Christmas together. She said the gift came with theater tickets as well- a very “pretty woman” moment! The hot pink color looked so vibrant against the city- I just love it when people wear bold colors! I’m so excited for their wedding next year. These two are so fun to be around and super easy to photograph!! Cheers to you both! Xo jess

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