Best of Couples 2015

I feel like I’ve written this before, but I LOVE engagement shoots. It’s such a fun, laid back, pressure free experience that’s just so much fun it gives me a natural high each time I shoot one. No matter who it is or how nervous someone may be, the session is always so full of life and love. Who wouldn’t like that?

This year I had the honor of shooting not only in Columbus, but in Chicago as well. It was refreshing to bring a fresh perspective to some popular Chicago locations, as well as get a much-needed mini-vacation with the husband. It was a weekend filled with my three favorite things: Scott, photography and eating.

A lot of my local shoots happened to be in German Village this past year. I think people are drawn to the charm of the brick streets and homes that are so quaint it hurts. Columbus is just perfect for vast and diverse shooting locations. I seem to find new ones each shoot I’m on. I love all the color and variety you find in this city!

On a side note, I have a lot of people ask me what they should wear to their engagement shoot. I always say that bold colors are great on camera. Usually you want your shirts or outfits to be logo-free and not too complex of a pattern or design. You don’t want a photo background to compete with your outfit and vice-versa. Be yourself. If you don’t usually dress up in a suit and tie, then wearing that to your engagement shoot might not represent who you are as well as it could. Generally speaking, dressy-casual works well.

Below are a compilation of some of my favorite couple’s photos from this past year. I ended up having so many that I cut them down a bit so the post wasn’t too ridiculously long. A huge thank you to all of the couples who have trusted in me to document their relationships and love. I’m so excited for this year’s shoots to start (this weekend!).

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