Best of 2015 Details

Here’s the details post I promised. While I pride my business on being more about the couple, the day and not the “stuff”, I can’t deny that I love some eye candy. I decided to make the details its own post this year, because I thought it was really cool to see the variety and diversity of each wedding I shot. It really gives you a good feel for how different each wedding truly is. It’s also pretty clear how I could have kept a few pounds off, because I totally had a piece of every cake, every cupcake, and every doughnut. Don’t judge.


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One thought on “Best of 2015 Details

  1. Jenny O'Leary

    Hi Jess! Loved seeing so many great detail shots from my wedding! Brings back great memories! Thanks again for capturing all of our beautiful memories. And I’m so glad to hear things are finally settling down with your beautiful little boy!


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