engaged couple looking cute together

Short North Engagement

There’s no other way to say it- Kelly and Jason are Cute with a capital C. Kelly said she would like their engagement shoot to be in the Short North because that is where her and Jason met and spend a lot of time together. Little did we know that her vibrant green dress was going to match perfectly with the lush Short North nooks and crannies we photographed in. This part of the city is so alive…artisinal (I can’t believe I used that word in a sentence) shops, boutique hotels, small and large parks, bright murals, and mouthwatering food are all what make the Short North a destination in Columbus. This day was so hot, a far cry from today’s below freezing temps. Why do I always talk about the weather? Because I live in Columbus. It’s also the way my brain works- I remember weather from events years ago like it was yesterday.

Ok so something that struck me when I was putting together Kelly and Jason’s blog, is one of the reasons I love engagement photos so much- look at their eyes. Look at the way they look at each other. They are smiling, yes, but their eyes do just as much of the talking. Engagement shoots are so great for pulling out that connection. It’s also one of the reasons I try to photograph couples looking at each-other instead of the camera….and if I do have them look at the camera, I have them look at each-other first so I can get some residual feels come through the lens.

Kelly and Jason’s wedding will be at one of my favorite venues, Via Vecchia, next June. To say I’m excited would be a serious understatement. It will be here before we know it, but until then- I hope you love looking at these sweet photos! XO Jess

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