PUBLISHED- Boy’s nursery design

Today’s post is a fun and unexpected change of pace. Three years ago I photographed Caddie’s nursery. It was the off-season and I was trying my very best to stay busy and preoccupied while staying home with a toddler who at the time hardly talked (although he made up for it with smiles!). There was a call for entry for nursery design photos for an online blog. I knew that there are far more exceptional nursery designs out there. But I also knew that everything in Caddie’s room was either placed or made with love. It was also a great excuse to clean the room that was otherwise a toy disaster area. Time passed and the submission wasn’t accepted. That happens a lot. I think for every 5 publications I submit I only get one published. Oh, well. Fast forward three years later, the, a VERY prominent maternity blog picked up one of the photos. In this blog, there are some of the most beautiful nurseries I’ve ever seen. And tucked right there in the middle of it all is Caddie’s sweet and humble room. So excited to share this today!

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