engaged couple laying on OSU field

OSU Surprise Proposal

This was my first surprise proposal I’ve ever been a part of. Josh had planned it over a month in advance with me. He was so excited and nervous that everything would happen to plan. He rented out the entire OSU stadium just for this perfect moment. It was just a normal Saturday to Lauren, though. Her and Josh were walking around OSU campus taking photos with their cell phones. They walked to the entrance of the Stadium where they “begged” the front door guard to let them in. The guard let them in, and the next thing you know they are shooting selfies on the field. At this moment Lauren still just thinks it was good luck they made it inside. Before you know it, Josh was down on one knee. Lauren turned around and what followed was the most beautiful, heartfelt and fun surprise I’ve ever been a part of. I was off to the side, under one of the tunnel overhangs shooting with a long-throw lens on so that I could be as discreet as possible. Lauren of course said yes and I was right there to get all the tears of joy followed by a small engagement shoot in the stadium. I think Lauren was in shock for a good half hour of the shoot. Which was great, because I loved snapping photos of her staring at her ring and then kissing Josh. Needless to say, he did a good job. Congrats you two! May you have many more expected and unexpected magical moments just as good as this one!

josh-and-lauren-1 josh-and-lauren-2 josh-and-lauren-3 josh-and-lauren-4 josh-and-lauren-5 josh-and-lauren-6 josh-and-lauren-7

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