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I did Julie and Ryan’s engagement shoot the night before their wedding, which is the first time I’ve done that before. In my opinion, it was one of the best ways you could ever spend the day before your wedding. Just being together, laughing, and knowing that the next day you’ll be walking down the isle. I was able to capture their last day as being “single” and their first day as being married. I guess you could say they were really beautiful ‘before & after’ photos. We were so lucky that both days were just magically perfect weather. Slight breeze, blue skies, white puffy clouds, colorful reflected light, saturated foliage colors….you know- perfect.

Julie and Ryan held their afternoon wedding in the outdoor Bride’s Garden at The Franklin Park Conservatory on a picture perfect fall day. She wore a stunning J.Crew dress that floated around her as she walked. If I ever looked that good in a dress, I don’t think I’d ever take it off! Soft pastel pinks and white flowers accented the isle-way and the bride’s bouquet. The great thing about weddings at the Conservatory, is that there is so much natural beauty all around, that not much, if anything, is needed to make a breathtaking setting for a wedding.

It was a small intimate celebration that had guests from around the world. Multiple languages were spoken at the reception, but everyone seemed to understand each-other. It’s amazing how much you can understand without knowing a language. I’ll be really cheesy here and suggest that Love is a universal language! Ok, yea- that really was cheesy (but true, right?).

Oh and another serious highlight of this wedding, like all weddings, was the fantastic cakes- or should I say cheesecake! YES! And multiple ones, too!

XO Jess

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