Julia is 3!- Columbus Family Portraits

One of the best things about being a photographer is watching my clients’ children grow up. I remember holding Julia three years ago- so sweet and small- and here she is a three year old with a smile that goes on for miles! I feel like this is one of the most precious things about professional photographs- capturing the sweet characteristics of every age. The whispy hair, the sweet giggles, the fantastic children’s clothes. We did a family session on a picture perfect day earlier this summer at Inniswood Metro Gardens in Columbus, OH. This happens to be the same location we did her one year old shoot. My, how time flies! The flowers were blooming like crazy and the sun was out in full force which made the perfect backdrop for all of our fun photos. We ran and jumped and she showed me a lot about being fearless. I love the boundless energy, wonderful optimism and only genuine smiles of this age. Her favorite game was when her parents swung her back and forth. Julias’ dress was super cute and floated and swayed as she danced. She recieved a couple M&Ms from her parents each time she had a really great portait- and I so wish that were the way my life worked, too. Enjoy these photos and don’t forget to get out and enjoy this great weather! XO Jess

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