Jordyn- Columbus Newborn Photography

Jordyn was 9 days old when i photographed her, and I still can’t believe how animated and awake she was! She was awake for almost the entire session, would grab on to my hand and would coo when you’d tallk to her just right. You could completely see her little personality come out already! So fragile, innocent, and new….it was quite the experience to look into her little eyes and think about all of the years of life that will pass over her. I know she’s in good hands, though, as she has two brothers and two sisters- all of whome love her very much. As the youngest child myself, I also know she might get away with a lot when she grows up!  I know that she will grow up and the next time I see her she will be so much bigger. I’m so thankful, though, that there will always be this piece of Jordyn at only 9 days old. XO Jess

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