Jody &Chad- Kelton House Wedding Photography

Jody and Chad were a completely unexpected and delightful addition to my 2013 wedding line-up. They booked me about a month and a half before their wedding. I’m always in awe when people can pull together the most amazing events in such a short amount of time…and on top of that, stay completely relaxed doing it. This wasn’t just any other run-of-the mill wedding, either. There were so many cool details that made this one so memorable.

Their wedding took place at the Kelton House, which is located near the topiary gardens in downtown Columbus. It’s a beautiful historical home with a lot of charm and rich history. It reminded me a bit of the houses I shot in last year down in Louisiana for Katie and Eric’s wedding. There’s something about old homes when you walk in them. You can almost feel the other-worldly history- somehow envision people as they were through the generations using the different rooms for different purposes. The Kelton House definitely has a warmth and a feeling of intimacy that some other venues don’t have. This home was also part of the Ohio underground railroad at one time.

To pay homage to his Scottish heritage, Chad wore his tartan for the wedding festivities. It came complete with a dagger tucked into the side of his kilt hose. Jody was breathtaking in a form-fitting lace gown that elegantly trailed behind her when she walked. The ceremony took place in the back garden of the Kelton House and was adorned with white and yellow flowers. There were also blooming Hostas lining each side of the path that runs along the side of the back yard. It created nothing less picture perfect and enchanting walkway.

Their reception featured a live bluegrass band and home-brewed beer. A couple of their friends who are also musicians, joined the band from time to time making a completely unique, memorable and heartwarming experience for everyone in attendance. I hope you love these photos as much as I do! XO Jess


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