in love couple hugging and laughing

German Village Engagement

I loved this shoot so much that I literally overloaded my Instagram with Saji and Shanka’s images right after they were delivered. If you haven’t yet- check out my Instagram at – it’s where I post my most up-to-date and recently delivered photos.

It was early spring, however the weather was oddly prefect. I’m still in-love with the outfits they chose. Solid bright colors will always bring life and a dash of joy to any photo. I love to do what I call “paparazzi engagement shoots”. This is where we all hop in a car and discover new locations together, stopping whenever any of us feels inspired. Besides being super fun, it gets people’s mind out of the realm of ‘camera vs couple’, and into just having a fun time together as a unit.

These two had lived in the same city very briefly when they met, and then spent the majority of their time dating long-distance. As of now, they are happily married and now in the same city! Their wedding took place in Sri Lanka in late Springtime, a few weeks after our shoot in German Village in downtown Columbus. They are laid back, funny and so fun to watch together. I really couldn’t be more excited to share these photos with the world today! I hope you love them half as much as I loved shooting them:) XO Jess

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