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Franklin Park Wedding

Rachel and Andrew had a stunning spring wedding, with some awesomely memorable moments in tow. While Rachel was just about to put her dress on, the fire alarms at the Hilton Downtown Columbus went off. Everyone was evacuated to the lobby. Luckily, Rachel’s mother brought the champagne and there were fire drill cheers in the lobby to pass the time, as well as views of very handsome firemen (but that’s neither here nor there- just thought it was worth noting lol). After about 15 minutes, all was cleared and they were allowed to go back to their room. Best part about it, we were still on schedule!

Rachel was an absolute dream in her LaJeune Mariee dress. It was soft and flowy, and she reminded me of the most elegant ballerina. The entire wedding took place at the Franklin Park Conservatory on the most perfect of days in late April. They did a first look in a side garden that could have rivaled any Tulip farms in Holland. Ironically, the tulip colors were the same colors of the wedding party, so to say it was meant to be was an understatement. Bursts of wind made for the cutest facial expressions when Rachel’s veil was blown up.

Rachel and Andrew were wed in the Bride’s garden on the side of the conservatory grounds. While it is an intimate space, it is fit for royalty, especially in the spring. From there, guests were treated to delicious food, amazing dessert from Alice’s Piece of Cake (so far, my fav. cake of the year!), and dancing to amazing music provided by DJ Ryan Smith. I love Ryan’s setup, because it comes with lights, and be sure to ask him about his EPIC display for Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”. It blew my mind. *Poof!* I hope you love these photos half as much as I loved taking them. Thank you so much for such an unforgettable day! XO Jess

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