Estella- Columbus Children’s Photography

One of my favorite shoots every year is when I get to photograph Estella. Not only is she the coolest, but her family is freakishly talented at throwing parties…as you will see below. Their attention to detail is awe-inspiring. This party had a Rock Star theme, and each person came up with their own “rock-star name”. Really cute names like “Lady Na-Na” and “Estella’s Bad Mama Jama” were in the house (mine was Jessie J) Estella turned two and she spent the day showing me her dance moves, how to wear heels properly, how to throw a football, reading me stories, and how to properly bounce until you fall down from exhaustion! All that and she was sick with a fever! She’ll never let that stop her from having a good time:) Enjoy! XO Jess

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