engaged couple under ohio theater sign

Engagement Session in Downtown Columbus

Kate and Chad met up with me in late April along the banks of the Scioto Mile. We ended up walking for about two hours around downtown exploring, which is actually my favorite way to shoot. Kate wore a beautiful lace blue dress which looked fantastic in literally every photo. You can’t go wrong with a solid color on your engagement shoot- but especially blue, red or green. I had mentioned the Ohio theater to them before the shoot and Kate loved the idea because she and Chad often go and see performances. As we were walking up and standing under the marquee, all of the glittery lights turned on- it was magical!! It was so well timed I thought someone working there had seen us taking photos and turned them on for us, but alas, there was a matinee they were getting ready for. From there we wandered around the Statehouse and took advantage of the Classical architecture. Kate told me about some of the Statues on the Statehouse grounds. Two of my favorites were the Statue of the famous military and political leaders from Ohio, and the new Holocaust memorial that was unveiled in 2014.

After our tour of the Statehouse, we ran across the street and walked through the Columbus Commons. I told you we walked a long way! By now we were in the groove and having fun. On our way back to the Scioto Mile we found a few nooks and crannies that were super picturesque. The grand finale of the shoot was getting to photograph these two in front of the Columbus skyline. The sun was direct and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but it was still so spectacular. I can’t thank Kate and Chad enough for being up for anything! I am so excited for their Grandville Inn wedding. XO Jess

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