tyler and betsy looking at eachother in a library

Enchanting Library Themed Engagement

Last spring, I had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot with Betsy and Tyler that was so enchanting I could hardly believe where I was. In the small little Ohio town of Lithopolis, about an hour outside of Columbus is Wagnalls Memorial Library. It was like this place was transplanted from a European city and dropped right into a sleepy rural farming community. With Betsy’s love for books, the location was simply perfect, and the space was so much fun to explore.

I often have vivid dreams where I’m exploring spaces and open doors to new wings of buildings I didn’t know existed. I think those dreams of mine tap into a childlike sense of wonder that I still have and desire. Well, at Wagnalls, that is very much the experience you can have. We would open one door, and it would lead to the most beautiful staircase that looked like it was part of a castle. We would open another door, and it would lead to an old theater complete with a stage and red velvet curtains. Outside and around the corner, a courtyard was alive with spring blooms and accented with hanging bistro lights. This place was just jaw-dropping. Thank you, Betsy and Tyler for letting me go on this adventure with you! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for photos from their stunning wedding.

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