engaged couple hugging on stairs

Downtown Columbus Winter Engagement

Believe it or not, this engagement session is from the day after Christmas when Carole and John were still in town for their holiday vacation. It was a freezing cold day but super pretty- the kind of cold day you can still take a deep breath and feel refreshed and alive. And hanging out with these two actually gave me the same exact feeling!

We started off our shoot in German Village drinking coffee and hanging out- a perfect way to start a shoot if you ask me! We had never really met in person before this moment so it was nice to just take a little time to talk, laugh and warm up. We tried to keep most of the shoot inside because I think it was around 17 degrees outside. After the coffee shop, we headed downtown to the main library which made for a stunning backdrop for some intimate and more importantly warm photos! I just loved goofing around with these two- it felt like I have known them forever. I was on a natural high for the rest of the day. We might even meet up in the Spring for a mini outdoor session as well! Carole and John, thank you for being you! XO Jess

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