Columbus Urban Engagement

Molly and Eric met me out on a very cold and windy day last fall right at the cusp of winter. The cold breeze made for some beautiful photos, as they were both trying to stay warm snuggled against each other. Little did I know at the time those photos of kisses and warm looks were backed with a story of deep love and personal triumph.

Molly could quite possibly be one of the brides I talk to my husband about the most. I am friends with her on facebook, and every time she posts something, it makes me more in-awe of what a powerhouse she is. For example, she just ran a 1:22 half marathon. For people who run those, you’ll know that’s a time worthy of a Runner’s World magazine story. She can also run a full marathon in less than 3 hours and recently finished 4th at the Glass City Marathon. We’ll just say those aren’t even her biggest victories!

Thank you so much Molly and Eric for having me with you at your engagement session and I can’t wait for your August wedding! XO Jess


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