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Christina is a woman of infinite talents. I first met her when I was photographing a mutual friend’s wedding SIX (!!) years ago in Columbus, and she was doing the wedding party’s makeup. She said very definitively at the time that she was getting married, and she was going to have me photograph her wedding. And she did just that! About a year later, I was honored to not only photograph her wedding, but establish a friendship that is so meaningful to me in so many ways. Two years after Christina had her wedding, I had mine, and I was lucky enough to have her near me on my big day not only as my makeup artist (MUA), but my good friend. I can honestly say I’ve never felt as pretty as I did when she did my makeup that day. I felt flawless, beautiful, excited and confident. To be able to help give someone that feeling through makeup artistry is a true gift. I don’t typically wear much makeup, so I never fully appreciated it’s transformative qualities when it’s done right. If you are getting married, I wouldn’t give a second thought to hiring her in a heartbeat! Her MUA website can be found here:

Christina has since started a new venture in her life as a realtor for HER. I feel so glad, as Scott and I will be looking for a new house with her next year (hopefully). Her creativity is unending. Right off the bat, she said that most realtors’ business cards are way too cookie-cutter. She wanted something more dramatic, more fun, more natural, and more her. It’s a simple concept, but so many people should put that into practice. Break with normal convention. Be uniquely you, and show people who you are- not just what you THINK you should be. The business card is a great way to make a first and lasting impression. If you are creative with it, it will help your impression last. I am biased, but I think she is beautiful inside and out! I hope you do too! XO Jess


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