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I always remember when my half birthday is because it falls smack dab on St. Patrick’s Day. Needless to say, it’s always pretty fun to celebrate, even though I’m at the age where half birthdays aren’t exactly fun to celebrate anymore. On this year’s March 17th,  I was so honored to spend the day with a very talented bunch of Columbus Wedding vendors and specialists. We had makeup artists, fashion stylists, hair stylists, and yes- photographers! On this brisk day, we all met up at a studio in Victorian Village for a styled spring shoot. The inside of the building had beautiful exposed brick walls, floor to ceiling windows with flowing white drapes, and one really cool bright orange and white animal print wall.

It’s such a freedom to shoot in any way or style you choose without time limits. I usually shoot on very short timelines, so it was both liberating and inspiring to take my time and explore different poses and surroundings. Inside and outside on the street, I worked with the models to capture fantastic shots: from the fun and flirty to dramatic and powerful. You would never know these girls weren’t professional models by the way they interacted with the camera.

I am definitely going to try to do more of these kinds of shoots. For me, this experience accentuated why I love my craft. I love manipulating a scene with color and lighting and capturing a feeling that’s conveyed without words. I’m so in love with the results that came from this really fun day together.

A special thank you to the whole team who worked so seamlessly well together: Kim Rottmayer, Shelley Benson Kilgore, Kelli Ramey, Joy Macke, Kerry Smith, Jessica Dunham, Shannon Goode, Michelle Buzaki, Nathan Branch, Kate Hare, Stephanie Birtle, Isha Suri, Courtney Henry, Kaillie Dravestott, Carolyn Porter, Megan Bordenkircher, and Ellen Dobbs.

JMP Columbus Portrait Photography

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