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Columbus Oh Senior Photography

Normally I wouldn’t include a senior portrait session with a month of Familypalooza, but this session was so special. Because Jaya’s older siblings were home for her graduation celebration, we were able to mix it into a family shoot as well. And it’s a great reminder to those with older kids, that you don’t stop being a family, and you can always make space to have an updated family photo!

This family had the most beautiful backyard. We started the session early in the morning because she went straight to her COVID-friendly drive-through graduation afterward. The sun was low in the sky and created these heavenly rays of light that poured through their backyard trees. It was evident how much Jaya’s older siblings loved her as they hugged her and the whole group started laughing. For me, this was the perfect morning. I left feeling so lucky to have such incredible people come in and out of my life AS MY JOB!