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wedding couple surrounded by beautiful purple flowering trees

Kelton House Wedding

Sarah and Joe are both very soft spoken people. I would consider them like an onion- the more you get to know them, the more layers you uncover, all very exotic and sweet (I think you have to know how much I love onions to know this is the ultimate compliment from me) . Joe met Sarah while he was working in a tattoo shop. From hearing the story from both of their perspectives, it seemed very much like love at first sight. Sarah basically kept getting more tattoos to keep hanging out with Joe. From there their love blossomed.

Last year I had the honor of shooting their engagement shoot. Again, because of le bebe, I didn’t blog as much as I had wanted last year. Alas, you’ll have to trust me that those images were faboosh. You can see some of them in my instagram archives. My profile name is JMillerPhotos. Please look me up and add me!

Joe oozes creativity. First of all, he’s an incredible tattoo artist. He even tattooed their wedding date on Sarah’s forearm. Second, his passion for Sarah is so beautifully evident when you’re around them both. He MADE her bridal bouquet. He literally watched a youtube video on how to make a bouquet and then whipped up this spectacular creation like it was nothing- oh, and he fashioned a wooden holder for it, so that it could sit upright because it was so heavy from its awesomeness. Joe also studied Sarah’s Persian heritage and designed their wedding sofreh, which was no small task.

Sarah wore the world’s most beautiful gown and veil. She had her veil flown in from London from designer Agnes Hart.┬áIt was nothing short of spectacular, and to quote Sarah , “this veil is everything.” She incorporated her love of animals, especially rabbits, into their wedding details. The reception had a vegan buffet that was so incredibly delicious. There were also vegan desserts provided by Pattycake Bakery, one of my all-time favorite dessert shops in Columbus.

I think what I loved most about Joe and Sarah was just how deeply in love they are. It’s such a beautiful thing to sit back and watch, and watching people in love is pretty much my job. Even after the last guests had left and the catering had cleared the tables, Sarah and Joe were still dancing in each-others’ arms- blissful in the moment they were sharing. Savoring every second of the special day they poured their heart and soul into. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it, and I hope you love these photos as much as I do! XO Jess


Ohio Wedding Photographers- Mason Wedding

I have been waiting on pins and needles to blog this Spring wedding. I can’t even say enough awesome things about these two!! But first a little flashback….

I fist met Soosan in graduate school in Chicago where we both attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Art and Technology program. We had a really cool class and all got along great. Soosan easily became one of my best friends from the school. We had so many awesome nights out. We went our separate ways after we graduated, but thanks to social media, always kept in touch. When she contacted me about her wedding I was of course honored, but oh so excited to see her again! It felt like no time had ever passed.

Soosan is so naturally beautiful that she would take your breath away just by being in the same room with her. On her wedding day, however, I walked into the room and immediately had tears in my eyes. There is nothing better than seeing such incredible souls find their match. Beauty just radiated from her- inside and out. Not to mention who she was marrying, Chris, who was one of the most genuine and gracious people I’ve ever met.

In Mason, Ohio, there’s a beautiful event center called the Manor House. This is where both the Persian ceremony and reception took place. In the Persian tradition, a Sofreh sits in the center of the ceremony. This means “wedding spread” and consists of herbs, pastries, bread, fruits, coins, symbols of fertility including decorated eggs, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, a mirror and two candelabras (symbols of light and fire), honey, a sacred text, and other symbolic decorations. The result is nothing short of spectacular to look at. The Sofreh was also one of Soosan’s favorite parts of the wedding traditions as well. As an illustrator, she designed their invitations and the entire cover was a Sofreh spread.

A shawl is held over the bride and groom during the ceremony. Two cones of sugar are rubbed together above their heads to “shower them in sweetness.” The sugar is caught by the shawl.

After the ceremony, a huge celebration took place with amazing dancing and great music. It was a day that I will remember forever and I feel so blessed to have shared this day with such a beloved friend and her husband. XO Jess