Libby & Justin- Columbus Engagement Photography

Libby and Justin often take long walks through Blendon Woods together, so when it came to choosing a meaningful place to take their engagement photos, it was a no brain-er. The day was perfect, the flowers were bursting with color, and these two were so much fun to spend the afternoon with! I’m so excited for their “lucky” Spring wedding:)

Brittney & Christian- Ohio Wedding Photography

This beautiful wedding took place at The Barn at Walnut Glen in Waldo, Ohio. The location is such a hidden gem. A rustic wooden barn sits by a beautiful sun-kissed field. Days like this are savored in Ohio. A light breeze, a warm sun, and fragrant natural surroundings all added up to a very memorable and intimate affair. Every inch of the event was dripping with the most beautiful details- a photographer’s’ dream! Brittney and Christian had a rustic farm vibe to their decor. This wedding was overflowing with intimate touches and bright, beautiful fall colors. Hay bails served as seats for this outdoor sunset wedding. Mason jars, bright fall colored bouquets, a wall of family photos, and barn lights were just some of the eye candy. Brittney’s bridesmaids all wore leather cowboy boots with their vibrant orange bridesmaids dresses. Their dresses also had pockets which is an extra fun detail to have as a bridesmaid!  Brittney and Christian had a fingerprint tree instead of a guest book. I love this idea as an alternative to a traditional guestbook. Guests dip their hand in ink and print a “leaf” finger-print on a branch of the tree. Then, guests sign their name over their print. At the end, a whole tree emerges in-bloom with a catalog of guests who attended the wedding. It’s also special because instead of a book, there is now an artwork fit for hanging on your wall that you can admire for years to come.
An outdoor tent served as the reception site and was directly adjacent to the barn. Complete with a raised dance floor, this party was no joke. Everyone knew how to dance like a champ!
Enjoy! XO Jess

Columbus Family Photography

JMP did a very special 20-min. round of photo sessions called the SHORT SHOTS this year at Inniswood Metro Gardens. These beautiful girls were from one of those sessions. I just love how much spunk and personality they brought to the shoot.

Stropes Columbus Family Photography

Here’s another session from the SHORT SHOTS sessions! This family is not only fun, but they’re also very talented, too! Christina owns Blush Artistry By Nina and speaking from experience, she’s the best makeup artist I’ve ever met! So excited to have this beautiful bunch on the blog today!!

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